Summer of Color 3-sage and sepia

Well this year’s Summer of Color did not go the way that I planned. This is the last week of Summer of Color and only the second time that I have participated. :|. I took for granted that my inlaws visiting and a huge summer road trip would not keep me from participating  but I was wrong. It’s not a huge deal and I’ve been enjoying seeing what others have done for the challenges when I am able to. A big thanks to Kristin of Twinkle,Twinkle for hosting this again and giving all of us a chance to mingle while getting  inspired. I can’t wait til the next Summer of Color comes around again.:)

The colors for this week were sepia and sage. I took the chance of trying a sepia oil paint that I had and got as close to sage as I could do with watercolors. This art journal spread is in my text book journal(I hope to do a vlog on it soon.) Thanks for coming by,

Lyd.  sage.sepia


Summer of Color 3

I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted on here. I knew it had been a while but sheesh. I have been adding a little to my art journals now and again and Ive done a few mixed media canvases but if I’m honest the time I spend on my art needs a little push.

That’s why I got excited when I heard Summer of Color 3 was here. I made plans to participate and then….nothing. Nada. Zip.

It took my seven year old to get me really in the swing of things,so I’m thankful to her. She’s sharing artwork this year too,by the way;

you can find her at Squidmom.

In case you’ve never heard of it Summer of Color is  the brain child of the lovely Kristin over at Twinkle,Twinkle. Every week we will get to pick the colors that will be used the next week. Then we draw or paint or sew or scuplt or really anything, just create something in the selected colors and link it up at Twinkle, Twinkle. Links that are added before Sunday go into a drawing for a very cool prize package.

Now in order to be fair as we are from the same household I’ll never add links from this blog and the Squidmom blog in the same week. I will however, make sure to visit as many of y’all as I can get to and my daughter will as well. (I missed out a lot of details about Summer of Color so please check out the button I have on the sidebar if you are interested in joining or just checking out lots of very cool artwork.)

Whew, now on to my picture for this week. The colors were Green Citron and Turquoise(love that combo) and it made me think of mermaids so this is what I came up with for this week:

Mermaid Princess

I’m hoping to keep my artwork for this year in a mermaid theme but I’ll have to see how it goes. 😉

Thank you for coming by…

The last Summer Of Color post

I worked on these on Friday but am barely posting them now.

There was a power outage and then the scanner was acting up and then my computer’s charger went out again.

These are all valid excuses, but in reality? Maybe I was just a little sad to do the last Summer of Color 2 inspired blog post? It’s been a heck of a lot of fun and I’ve visited so many, many wonderful artists over the past six weeks.

There is one thing that fills me with a little relief however.

This was a Summer of Color 2…I’m going to tell myself that surely there will be a Summer of Color 3. That? Is something I can look forward to. 🙂

This was our prompt for the week:

And this is the image that came to my mind and would not go away until I painted it.

I showed her to my mother and she absolutely hates it- but I’ve tried to explain that my fire lady is more super hero than demon. Or maybe super villain…I don’t know she’s got a feisty temper,this one.

After I painted her I painted this in the recycled box journal that I made:

My mother likes this one much better.

Happy Last Summer of Color everybody I will be by shortly or maybe eventually is a better word? But I will be by to see every single one of you Si Dios Queire as my momma would say.  (It means God Willing and is the term all God-fearing people of Spanish descent must say after making any kind of plans…lest they be struck down where they sit.)

On a slightly more cheery note: I absolutely love you guys and I’ve admired,been inspired, and I thank you for putting your arty goodness out there.


The Moon Sees Me

Can you believe that Summer of Color is almost over? I was lucky to find out about it in time to join in on the fun and it’s gone a long way to getting me to be creative every day.

I found out that I won the drawing for the Pink Lemonade  prompt we had last week and I’m beyond thankful and so happy about that! It’s really going to help me with the art journals that I’ve started and getting into doing ATC cards. Obviously the prizes are not the point of doing the challenges but they are pretty awesome prizes and very much appreciated!

The prompt for this week was Wild n Reckless Sherbet:

Wild and Reckless colors indeed but for some reason I was drawn to go subtle. This is my painting for the prompt this week:

This was made with crayons and then covered in thinned  acrylics.  The blues,greens and purples were much more bright at first but I subdued them with white.

I also did this small picture in my new art journal. The eyes are a little wonky but I may redo her later. This art journal is just to explore ideas I have so I’m not too bothered about it.

The next (and last)prompt color is Watermelon ice and I’m interested to find out what comes to mindwhen I start using the colors!

I look forward to seeing what everyone’s come up with. I have my laptop working again so it should be easier for me to make visits this week. (Very happy about that!)

Yellow Pink Techie Girl

This is inspired by the story that I’m working on-she is one of my favorite characters right now. The picture didn’t come out true to the original’s colors so I boosted it, but the real painting is more in between the two. It was really a quick sketch because I wanted more pictures up for my inspiration wall but hadn’t found anything I thought was right for the character.

The colors I used here are to go with the next Summer of Color prompt:

I think fun when I see yellow anyway but paired with pink? Love it. I can’t wait to see the other prompts for this color. It is amazing to me how everyone comes up with such interesting, fantastic but very different stuff by following the same prompt.  Go here to see tons of fantastic loveliness!

Baseball Nut Ice Cream Girl

Our inspiration for this week was Baseball Nut.

I’ve never heard of this flavor before but it sounds delicious! I sewed something for this early last week once we had our prompts. That ended up being a good thing because I’ve been a little lapse in painting and creating since then. :/ I plan to fix that this week though!

I pulled out the colors of fabric scraps that I had and came up with this:

She’s smallish- about 5inches by 4 inches and I don’t really know what I’m going to do with her…I’ll let you know if I think of anything.

Join other awesome people as they explore this very cool ice cream prompt through art on Twinkle,Twinkle. (Loving everything I’ve seen so far! )

Minty Bird

The prompt for this week in the Summer of Color 2 was:mint chocolate chip.

This happens to be my husband’s favorite ice cream flavor. I got very excited when I first heard this and figured that I’d get lots of ideas for it. Then I waited til the last minute to try making something and I had a really had time thinking of something to go with the challenge!

I finally came up with this little bird, but I don’t 100% love how my mint green came out. The brown came out a little better I think because it reminds me of chocolate, but it’s not really chip like.  I still like the birdy though so there’s that.

I used acrylics and a black marker pen and I got the paint effect in the background by painting it onto a different piece of paper first and then pressing the two together.

I can’t wait to go see what everyone’s made this week!

Happily adding this to the Summer of Color 2. 🙂