29 faces,5 and 6

I’ve gotten ridiculously behind on the 29 faces challenge! We’ve all had colds and that’s not really an excuse but everything has really fallen behind. I’ve started another challenge for the month called the engine 2 challenge that deals with eating only vegan,plant strong foods.(No oils, no white flours.)

It’s going pretty well it’s just been a little time consuming to start off with. I had to make a few recipes to get me started that were new to me. It’s been fun though. I’ve been doing the vegan thing since last March but I hadn’t been eating the best stuff lately. Vegan does not always mean healthy,I mean Oreos are vegan! It’s good to be going back to what makes me feel better.

So anyway ….faces,#5 didn’t quite come out like the picture I tried to copy. But I do think this type of practice is good if I’m going to get better.



Face #6  is a face so I’m posting her but I really want to add her to my journal page and I’m not sure yet  if I should add color to her. Hopefully this weekend will include lots of time for painting and I’ll have another update soon. 🙂