Walled garden


Someday I hope to be able to write poetry. For now I’m content in adding a few lines of things I’d like to work on someday to my artwork.

She built a wall.

She needed rest.

But then she lost the key.

The flower lady is from 29 faces,I’m in the process of adding them into my big art journal.


My 29 faces altogether…

29 facesfebruary2014I made it! But just barely. I have the habit of getting very obsessed in one of my interests and then losing interest. It makes it hard for me to really excel at anything. I plan at sticking with my drawing for the time being …I think. When people like me say that there isn’t enough time in the day to do all that I’d like to do I get eye rolls. It does seem like I should have lots of time but somehow there are too many new things to try, so much that I wish I was better at. Tomorrow I plan to focus on figures for a while. It’s a harder subject for me but I really need the practice. I’d like to start writing again too..we’ll see.