Big Eye fanart Amy Adams

Happy New Year!!!!

I’m hoping that this year continues the way that it started,with me hearing about a new challenge at the last minute and then diving in so that I end up going to sleep way too late covered in paint but happy.

I’d be completely fine with that.

I painted this fan art painting last night when I heard that Tim Burton will be judging a fan art contest for the movie Big Eyes. What are the rules? What do you get?

Big Eyed AmyI have no idea.

I just like Tim Burton and was excited enough about the Big Eyes movie to paint and enter. It’s a small acrylic painting,5 x 7 but as I’ve been working on ACEOs lately it was big enough. The deadline is January 2nd if you catch a wild hair like I did and want to join go here.

I’m also going to try for 30 paintings in 30 days again. I liked the routine that this challenge got me into last year and more exciting news….

My husband and I just got a little art studio in town where we hope to have open to the public at least once a month! He had just taken a lot of his art work to a local gallery and I don’t really have as many pieces as I’d like so I figure if I’m able to get at least a few more decent works done this month then  I’ll be in good shape. 🙂

So how is your 2015 shaping up?


Women Painting Women

I have been working on a painting for this month’s show at the Kendall called women painting women.
It’s inspired by Women painting women.
And will be an auction raising money for a scholarship fund to aid aspiring artists.


The only problem is that part of this that says they want artwork showcasing the woman form…my piece doesn’t do that!
I’ll share a few progress pics but I want to keep the final piece private until after the show.



If this painting isn’t suitable than I plan to see if I can put the older piece I did for the Nude show in. This does show the woman’s form but it does so in a small scale. See it here.
Ack. Hopefully this one will be okay though because I really want to show it!

P.S I have a few ACEOs that I’ve shared here before for sale on etsy now. So far I’ve listed A Red Queen, Mummy Girl and Friend and Vampire girl and bat. See them all here. 🙂