Our #1980’s themed #Art show

We recently had a  1980’s themed art show at our studio/gallery.

It has a lot of fun(can you imagine sharing 1980’s music and culture with two kids from this generation? They thought it was pretty rad.) but it was also a little stressful.80's show jonathan

I imagine all art shows are stressful but we only gave ourselves a little over three weeks to get a show’s worth of work done and to try and promote it. We will be having another themed show in the future but we will give ourselves a lot more time to get the work done for it!

Maybe two or three months.

My husband was able to paint twenty one paintings for the show and some of these were pretty big. I painted ten if you count my ACEO sized paintings too.

1980 art show  lydia puente harris

We have kids and it’s not like we can still stay up all night and still function like we used to do. So I thought everything turned out pretty good,considering.

We will have most of the art up all month but my husband plans to try and sell what doesn’t get bought locally online so not all of the pieces may make it for the entire month.(By month I mean until March the 19th.We tend to change out our paintings in time for our city’s art walk night.)

I plan to film our exhibit today so people not able to go to our gallery can enjoy it too. But for now I’ll share a video that Jonathan made of himself painting his  “Let’s Dance” David Bowie.

All in all I would call the show a success. We’ve had more people come to visit our gallery this month,I sold two of my 80’s themed ACEOs and Jonathan has already sold his Micheal Jackson painting,”Billie Jean” to a really awesome lady(and new friend). We have also had some interest in other paintings so hopefully our art will  find new homes that will love them.

jon his guns and christine

We will be selling artwork through eBay for pieces that do not sell locally:

Jonathan’s eBay link.

My ebay link.

Our Facebook page for the studio.


Art auction!!!!

Once again the Twisted Ruby Red Collective on Facebook is having an auction. I have three pieces up,starting at lower prices than I usually offer them. These are all originals and all acrylics. There were many themes to chose from for this auction and I picked three pieces of my artwork to go with of them.

I have the Edgar Allen Poe painting, Mad World that I created for the last 29 faces and 30 paintings in 30 days:

mad world

It was done in acrylics and is on 8×10 Strathmore watercolor paper.

Starting bid is $20 and Buy it now for the piece is $30. S&H is $2 standard shipping in the US,$6 International. It does not come framed. This was for the wild card theme.

This is my Munsters in Love ACEO. It’s for the Valentine theme;


It’s acrylics and Prisma pencil on Strathmore Mixed Media card,2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Created for this month’s 30 ACEOS in 30 Days, the

Starting bid is $.99,BIN is $6 S&H is free in the US,$3 Internationally

Last piece up for sale is for The Tim Burton inspired theme:

Johnny as Wonka is 8 x 10 on watercolor paper done in acrylics.

wonkaStarting bid is $20,BIN is $30. S&H is $@ Standard Us,$6 International.


Once again if you are interested in any of these pieces you must bid on the Facebook page.

There is seriously a lot of awesome art up for grabs. 🙂

Our new studio/gallery in Texas!!!!

DSC_0157I mentioned us getting a space to work in in my last post…that I posted 100 years ago,but I haven’t really shared anything about that since then.

It’s a great space. It has such a nice vibe to it. It’s just warm and that ceiling! I love it. Which is good because I will be using it to work in.

The first thing that my husband did was to paint all the walls a bright white. I resisted this idea at first. My family has a love affair with every shade of the turquoise blues (we get it from my father)and the room looked nice with the silver and this shade of blue I thought. A nice little jewel box.

But he was adamant that the paintings would really pop against a white background and he was right.

Especially his paintings with all of their awesome use of color. I think it makes the ceiling look shiner too.

art gallery texas

We made sure to be open for our city’s 5-9 art walk but we only made it just in time. Jon was literally hanging the last painting at 5:00 pm! Unfortunately or maybe fortunately…we didn’t get a whole lot of traffic.

It’s not like I was really surprised, I did not really promote it because we plan to do a grand opening next month. We wanted to get a feel for what being open to the public would be like. Our family and our friends were there and we really appreciated it. We also had some new people come by and one wants to come back and possible purchase a painting!

DSC_0170We keep saying this to ourselves but the spot really was a blessing. It’s a lovely part of town and I love having such a wonderful space to show our art in and to work in! We’re close to the art museum, the Michelle Cuevas studio she does really great paintings,pastel work and pottery and Vino Dipinte where they do painting classes and feature awesome art. It’s like a really cool new art spot!

I have plans to get the word out for next month and possibly get more people in. And we’re also toying with the idea of getting on  the map for the art walk. (How can people see you if they don’t know you are there, right?)

We plan on having snacks out for every art walk and being open on Saturday from 10-3.

nibbles and drinksWe’re not sure on hours for the rest of the week yet but I’ve been trying to be in from 10 -3 working on new stuff and I’m fine with people popping in then. We plan to have a theme and changing our paintings out every month. Okay, Jonathan plans on changing his paintings out every month…I will have at least five new paintings out.:) He’s more prolific than I am! So if you are near San Angelo please come by and see us.

JSH Art Studio/Gallery

520 Orient street

San Angelo,Texas 76903

Our Facebook page is a great way to keep up with our new shows,hours etc. :


And I update a lot on my personal Facebook page:


My husband’s Facebook page is here:


Last post for September 29 faces 2014

I made it through 29 faces! I have all of the faces I made for this challenge here on this grid collage:

29 faces  Collage
faces I forgot to add

If you want to look at each face/post individually you can do that here.

I really enjoyed myself. Ayala always suggests that we do something that challenges us and this year my challenge was to paint each of the 29 faces. I didn’t quite do that in the end but I did get very,very close.:)

I look forward to getting caught up with the artists who took part in this now. I have visited now and then this last month but not as much as I’d like to do. Somehow I find it really hard  to keep up during challenges like this which is unfortunate but I do hope to get better at that. I think I just need to schedule my time better!

Thank you for coming by!


29 faces

My literary men,#29faces 30paintings

Time doesn’t want to stand still for me. Personally I think that’s rude but- whatever.

I have faces/paintings 13 and 14 to share though. They aren’t finished,Poe needs pen work for the text and The Bard needs…just a lot still.

I’m a day behind but just to be painting daily or almost daily(I skipped the 11th) is a big thing for me! This has been a great experience and I thank Leslie Saeta and Ayala Arts for the motivation to do it.



Frida painting,#5 of #29faces 30paintings/30 days

Today’s painting is an 8×10 Frida on watercolor paper.she was painted with acrylics.
She is not finished yet but I plan to finish her in the next few days as I work on the other paintings.

I’m not finding the painting every day to be too challenging but I do have a moments when I freak because I know things might not get finished…I’m letting that go though! The prerogative is for me to make time to paint every day not for me to always complete all that I start in one day.
It’s a good thing to remember I think.


Sharing this with Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings in 30 days
And AyalaArt’s 29 faces. 🙂

My Fairy girl,#1 of #30paintings and #29faces

Happy first of September! This month I am challenging myself to paint more by joining the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge* and the #29 faces* challenge.

I do not have a theme, I plan to paint ACEOS, canvases and on watercolor paper. I’m hoping to launch an etsy shop this month so this challenge should help me have lots of stuff to put into it.:)

fairy girl

My first painting is called “My Fairy Girl”, she is an ACEO, 2.5 x 3.5 inches on Strathmore Bristol paper and painted with acrylics.


*30 paintings in 30 days is a challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta which encourages other painters to get into their studios and paint. You can out more about the challenge and see Leslie’s fantastic artwork here.

*29 faces is a challenge run by Ayala Arts and it’s a challenge to try new things and explore painting,drawing or collaging 29 faces during the month of September. You can find out more about this great challenge here .