The Virtues, or angels I’ve been painting lately

(I won’t even mention about being gone a while,I always feel like mentioning it will make me update more often…but it doesn’t. It’s like whenever I’m trying to lose weight and someone says that it looks like I’ve dropped a few pounds and I instantaneously gain five pound before I can either deflect the compliment or say thank you. Some things are just better let unsaid or unthought…or whatever.)

But anyway.

I started painting a fairy series during January and left them to start the stuff for the 80’s show. I imagined that I would pick up fairies again after I finished with that but ….I had a sudden urge to paint angels. The virtues or my take on the Virtues to be more specific.

Angel for broken heartsI painted this one first  and she’s a mixed media of collaged paper and acrylics. I call her angel of the broken hearts. Not sure I’m 100% happy with her face which was inspired by a very famous photo but that I’m just not sure about for now. Sometimes I just have to let things sit before I know what to do.

angel of GraceThis is my angel of Grace. Again she is made of collaged papers and acrylic and slightly based on a certain favorite actress of mine. I don’t like to say who because I’m a bit of a Frankenstein in that I will borrow eyes that I like from someone or a lip or a face shape,but I don’t like to base anything on someone completely and I try to work from memory as much as possible,it’s funner to see what I end up with that way. (But she may have had breakfast in a jewelry store once. )

Ariel, angel protector of animalsThis is my angel in progress. I’ve used no faces for inspiration at all on this one. She’s going to be my Ariel,angel of animals and nature and I have loads to do on her still. I find myself wanting to use watercolors again but I would really like to finish her before starting anything new!

Do you ever have trouble finishing an idea/project?


Women Painting Women

I have been working on a painting for this month’s show at the Kendall called women painting women.
It’s inspired by Women painting women.
And will be an auction raising money for a scholarship fund to aid aspiring artists.


The only problem is that part of this that says they want artwork showcasing the woman form…my piece doesn’t do that!
I’ll share a few progress pics but I want to keep the final piece private until after the show.



If this painting isn’t suitable than I plan to see if I can put the older piece I did for the Nude show in. This does show the woman’s form but it does so in a small scale. See it here.
Ack. Hopefully this one will be okay though because I really want to show it!

P.S I have a few ACEOs that I’ve shared here before for sale on etsy now. So far I’ve listed A Red Queen, Mummy Girl and Friend and Vampire girl and bat. See them all here. 🙂

Fairy watercolor painting

I really,really want to get better at doing watercolors. That is going to take practice and patience….I’m not great when it comes to patience. 🙂
I’m trying.


This is a fairy watercolor,I did use a little white acrylic in places as well-the wings were fading into the background so I wanted to lighten them. This is 9×12 on watercolor paper. Linking this to Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings in 30 days as painting number 23,which is way more paintings then I did last month. (Behind but still going!)
Thanks for coming by!


This is not a man…

I know. It was supposed to be a man and I started sketching that way but there was paint on the canvas from when I used it as a pallet. The paint that was there wanted this painting to be a women. I don’t argue with paint so here we are.

She’s acrylic on a 9 x 12 canvas. She’s currently untitled but my husband suggested Crow girl. Let’s say she’s Face 11 and leave it at that. 😉

Sharing with:
Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings 30 days and Ayala Art’s 29 faces. Thank you coming by to see her.


A Brave painting,#29faces , 30 paintings,day 6

IMG_6060.JPGI had to pleasure of watching Brave with my girls yesterday(it’s a huge favorite of ours). After we were talking about what I’d paint for today and my youngest decided that I should try to paint Merida. I thought that was a great idea but I wanted to do her painting more in my style. This is what I came up with. It’s a mix of the lady that play Merida in the Disney park and Merida from the movie. This is painted in acrylics and is 6 x 9 on water color paper.

She is #6 for Leslie Saeta’s 30 days 30 paintings and

Ayala Art’s 29 faces. 🙂 Thank you for visiting.:)


#PPF Mad Hatter Painting

If I’m honest,the mad hatter as a character never pushed any of my  buttons. I like insanity if it’s presented in a quieter,wittier,okay, less deranged way.

The Mad Hatter kinda spooked me in the Disney cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland which was my first experience of Wonderland. Later in high school I read Lewis Carroll and liked the story even more but the mad hatter still didn’t seem for me.

It took Tim Burton and Johnny Depp to make the Mad Hatter interesting to me. (And honestly of that duo doesn’t have the power to make someone interesting to me than no one does.)

I did not want to paint the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp version of the Mad Hatter but I did want a mad hatter that I could love just as much. I came up with this:

Mad Hatter

If he reminds you of a song about a babe with the power than you’re my kind of people.If not then he’s original and straight out of my head. I’m not sure if I will work into him more. My husband says to leave him and I like him so maybe I’ll just do other versions of him. I’m sharing this with Paint Party Friday as my thing I painted this week.

Please go there too and check out other awesome artwork.

And I’m also sharing this movie clip with you all in just in case. 🙂


A lot of pictures..I mean an art journal update

If there’s an area where  I need more improvement in,other than getting myself to paint everyday,it’s posting on a more regular basis. I’m just not getting it into my routine yet..but I’ll get better.

I’ve been adding to my art journal everyday in some way,but some days I am working on the same spread. It depends on how much time I have to paint that day and sometimes it’s not a lot. That’s okay I just want to get into the habit of doing something. Something,for someone like me, is good.

Tomorrow is February the first and I’ve decided to participate in the 29 faces challenge again.

I’ve done this once before and I liked it so much!  I’m extremely  happy I thought to check when the next one would be happening before I missed it. (I think these challenges might happen twice a year at the same time every year..and I will double check that,but I couldn’t remember when those times were.

Thank goodness for lucky happenstance. Anyway, art journal updates:

I started this in December but I didn't like it and abandoned it.

I started this in December but I didn’t like it and abandoned it.

I don't absolutely love it but I like it better.

I don’t absolutely love it but I like it better.

The words say:

And when birds flew by

She always stopped to watch them,

Both to enjoy their grace


to feel the piece of her soul that rose

up and pressed against her body,

the part of her

that longed to follow them.

It’s a work in progress that I wanted to jot down before I lost the idea behind it. Again not perfect but…

Something to remind myself

Something to remind myself

I worked on this yesterday,the day before that and today:

art journal 29 023

I’m so tempted to turn her into a mermaid that I might just do that…

There is no reason that this took so long other than we had a lot of errands to run this week and it’s just been an off week in general. The little drawings were from a small notebook I carry with me. I made these sketches when I was thinking of doing another nude but I lost interest in the idea. The front sketch is not in proper form but I wanted to include it anyway and another sketch is on the other side of the notebook paper that I included as well.

art journal 29 021The words here are,”Dream:I want to live near the ocean one day.” (A dream I’ve had since the first time I stepped foot in the ocean.I was ten or something. Sigh. Maybe one day?)

There is one more two page spread that I want to share but that I’m hoping to get better pictures of . It’s one of my favorites so far. And there is another one that I’ll share later as well,that is probably my least favorite so far.

This book is about trying new things and those things aren’t always going to work,so it’s okay.

29 faces..starting tomorrow! I’m so excited to begin.