I’ve been doing stuff

Not necessarily a lot of art stuff, but you know, stuff.

We’ve had a scare with my dad’s health  recently-and it seems to have put my art making in a serious funk. It’s pretty much put everything into a serious funk,actually.

We’re praying a lot, we have to keep it in God’s hands.

I know this and everything but it’s still hard. 

I’m the youngest of six,my dad is 82 years old. 

He’s an artist as I’ve said here before and a Huge inspiration to me. 

It will be okay. 

I believe this. 

I have used most of the month and used it to making party decorations for my nephew’s baby girl who just turned one.

The theme was Hello Kitty and I think I did okay. It wasn’t an exact replica of her but that actually made me feel better.

Like I was drawing/painting my version of Hello Kitty.

(Have you seen Shepherd  Farley’s OBEY version by the way? Love it…decided it didn’t really say one year old party though..:) 

Today however I decided to go ahead and try painting something. I actually stopped doing laundry because I felt like I had to paint that moment. 

both the painting and the laundry is in progress

It’s still a work in progress but just starting this really made me remember what I love art most for….therapy. I felt a lot better as I worked on this, possibly better than I had all month. 

So,I’m going to keep praying and keep painting and try not to let myself shut down. 

I function much better when there is some kind of creating in my daily life.