My Red Queen amid Interruptions

I haven’t gotten much done this week in the way of painting. My mother has been in town all week and although I like spending time with her,it’s kind of impossible to get any artwork done when she is here.

I know this because I tried to sneak some painting in on Tuesday and I ended up losing the translucent quality to my Red Queen’s face that I really liked. My mom had been in the shower but she came out just as I was mixing the flesh tones on the face and well…I do not paint well in front of others. (Especially when those others start telling me stories about how they used to go to a certain park with their younger sister and how she’d like to visit with her before leaving town,hint,hint.) Oh well.

I kid-I mean that is a true story. I did have to say yes, we can probably do that later I ‘d just like to use this color I’ve mixed up before it dries. My mom did end up sitting on the couch to wait and cleared her throat several times letting me know she was waiting…but she’s older and it’s kind of her prerogative for putting up with me during my teenage years. (I was pretty high strung,overly-sensitive and okay,awful if I’m being honest.)


Here’s my queen and I think she’s finished. I’m tempted to mess with the background to make it lighter again but I’m stepping away (for)now.



BLOODY ROSESI want to put her in a local gallery exhibit that will be showing next month called Seeing Red. I know she’s more illustration-esque than gallery-ish but I’d like to show her anyway. If I get to finish an Alice to go with her I might show her as well. I’m planning to get lots and lots of painting done next week.(Knock on wood.)

*Update:I did end up putting her in the local exhibit and she sold! This is the first time I’ve ever sold my art and I was surprised,thrilled and a little tiny bit sad she wouldn’t be coming home with me,lol. I hear this is normal for a first sale though. I plan on painting another Red Queen but in a different pose,soon.:)


I also wanted to share the ACEOs I had started that led to this painting. As you can see I need to finish my Queen.:) I’m participating in PAint Party Friday again. (This is a very late entry I know,but I love this linky!) 🙂





Second Update: This ACEO card is now finished and available for sale in my Etsy store.:) (Close up below.)

Red Queen ACEO

Red Queen ACEO



Seeing Red


My  project this week has been my take on the Red Queen. It’s spun off from an ACEO series of Wonderland that I started first. I drew  Alice with her cat,  Dinah and the White Rabbit in the background for the first card I did and then I started on my Red Queen. My plans are to finish this one and then go on to do the White Queen and the Mad Hatter. As soon as I drew her out however, I realized that I really wanted to do something different with her and also make her larger.I’ve always had a soft spot for this lady for some reason.

It’s not ideal to start with a change in your ideas and then go back to your original train of thought.(Why do I do that so often?)

When I first drew out my queen for the ACEO she had big hair. For this painting I traded her big hair in for a hair covering instead.

And then applied heavy white paint in order to block out the red background.

And then wanted her to have hair similar to the card image I had done first of all. (Ugh)

I definitely like her hair now better than I liked the head covering but there’s a white outline that keeps poking through so I’ll have to keep fiddling with that to get it right. (My husband mentioned the hair needs more dimension anyway so I do think with a little gesso and more paint it should be okay….(I hope!)

There’s a lot more work that I want to do with the way the hair falls in front and with the background still but here’s my Red Queen so far.


Happy Paint Party Friday!

(*Follow the link for a peek at other artist making some great art.)