Love Note to Frida

For now I’m still working in my art journals. My husband keeps asking me when I’m going to work on canvas again or work on something that I might try selling…but I’m just not in that mindset yet. I’m still figuring out who I am I guess, my style.

The last canvas I tried mixed media on still sits unfinished because this kind of thing is more interesting to me right now. It’s also mixed media but very different from the canvas I abandoned.

I was listening to the Man vs Art podcast as I was about to start doing dishes and it was about Frida.I found the podcast this morning and I’m loving it. This particular podcast was very interesting to me. I did know a lot of what was being talked about but I was still really enjoying myself. All of a sudden  I had to start working on a 5 x 7 art journal card. (Damn the Dishes,I was feeling inspired.)

As I worked on the journal card I decided that I wanted it to be part of something larger so I taped it into my current art journal. I added the fabric bits, stickle glitter  and sequins;the heart was the last thing to be added besides the lettering.

I’m a huge fan of Frida as many people are- but I’ve not really tried to capture her before. This is just a portion of her but I do plan on drawing her image again for an atc swap soon.

The background is torn paper bag and torn…well writings of mine. (I’m doing that a lot these days.)

They are from Family Secret, to be exact. It is a book that I started last Nanowrimo in November. I tried to weave my  real family  ghost stories into a a fictional story where the main character’s mother finds peace with her sister’s disappearance which happened when they were younger. Yeah, if that description sounds long winded so was the story. 😉

I’m not saying I’ll never try writing on it again,it’s just that I’m not really using my writing muscle these days as much as I feel like I should be. Making art from my frustrations helps a little though.

Anyway. I am happy with these pages. They are something that I get pleasure from.

Is it hard for you to say you like your own stuff? Because it is hella hard for me to! I don’t know why it is it just is,lol.
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