Alice, a mermaid and Poseidon,oh my!

I have been working on several projects lately. I had intended to focus solely on the Wonderland theme but my mom had surgery recently and she’s come to stay with us. It’s a little hard to have my canvas and paints out right now. It doesn’t bother me because I got Alice out of my system before my mom actually had surgery,I was able to finish her the day before,actually. And she was a painting I had been keen to work on and finish before going on to the Mad Hatter and White witch.



I’m still getting art time but I’m more focused on getting better at drawing from life (I’m not sharing these at this time,or maybe ever) and also doing some watercolor work. I stumbled upon this mermaid that I had drawn for a Summer of Color challenge last year…or the year before,not really sure. I decided that I wanted to add color to her and this is her now:


I’ve been wanting to try participating in Illustration Friday and I noticed this week’s theme was beards. Who better to draw a beard for than Poseidon? (My husband walked by pre-color and thought I was drawing a shirtless Santa so okay,there are other options when illustrating beards but Poseidon was my choice. My Siren needed a daddy…or something.


I’m thinking of working on¬†a mermaid on canvas series in the future,right after my Wonderland canvases are done,of course. Or maybe during? Sometimes you have to let paint dry afterall. ūüôā

I’m submitting the mermaid and Alice for Paint Party Friday

and the bearded Poseidon for Illustration Friday.


Mermaid Collage

This mermaid collage was inspired by prompt. Specifically the word prompt,”mermaid”.

I found a fantastic group on facebook called,College Obsession that works on colleges based on a prompt.¬† Their work is absolutely breathtaking and I’m happy to soak up their artistic vibes in hopes of moving my own artwork along.

This collage is a mixture of acrylic paint magazine¬†shreds and prisma color pencils.You’ll possibly notice two holes at the top of this collage.

Those holes are there because this is going to be an entry for today in my smashbook. If you know what a smashbook¬†is then that statement will seem odd to you. Smashbook¬†are closer to a scrapbook than an art journal. I know that,now,I didn’t know that when I starting working on my book. The good thing about all of this is that the smashbook¬†I am working on now is part of a Smash,Art,Words smashbook¬†challenge that I found out about while surfing youtube. A group of creatives(including myself) ¬†led by youtube¬†user poetspice have decided to make a smash page every day for the month of July. The pages can be as nice as you want and also as smash as you want.

This was actually a good time for me to find out about this project. Having never made a smashbook¬†before I feel like I’m getting my feet wet with this book. I’m working on the loose pages for now and will put them together at the end of the month with ring binders. Most of my pages will probably veer¬†towards the art journal territory but I do plan to include pure smashiness¬†as well. (Yesterday’s page was a good example of that.) I will be making a youtube¬†video once a week to share my smashbook entries¬†for that week and my last video will be a look through the entire finished and bound book. I’ve made one video so far just to talk about the smashbook and share my first two pages. It’s rough but eh I’ll get better(hopefully).

I feel like people are put into your path at specific times in your life and that they point you towards what is good for you at that moment, if you are open to that. (That is an old sentiment but I really believe in it and feel that there’s a truth at its core.)

These past years have been full of a lot of unhappiness and searching on my part, of feeling like I wasn’t being true to who I was. I’m just very happy for those people and projects that inspire me. If you are reading this post there is a very good chance that you are part of that group! So I very much thank you. xx