Summer of Color 3-sage and sepia

Well this year’s Summer of Color did not go the way that I planned. This is the last week of Summer of Color and only the second time that I have participated. :|. I took for granted that my inlaws visiting and a huge summer road trip would not keep me from participating  but I was wrong. It’s not a huge deal and I’ve been enjoying seeing what others have done for the challenges when I am able to. A big thanks to Kristin of Twinkle,Twinkle for hosting this again and giving all of us a chance to mingle while getting  inspired. I can’t wait til the next Summer of Color comes around again.:)

The colors for this week were sepia and sage. I took the chance of trying a sepia oil paint that I had and got as close to sage as I could do with watercolors. This art journal spread is in my text book journal(I hope to do a vlog on it soon.) Thanks for coming by,

Lyd.  sage.sepia