Our #1980’s themed #Art show

We recently had a  1980’s themed art show at our studio/gallery.

It has a lot of fun(can you imagine sharing 1980’s music and culture with two kids from this generation? They thought it was pretty rad.) but it was also a little stressful.80's show jonathan

I imagine all art shows are stressful but we only gave ourselves a little over three weeks to get a show’s worth of work done and to try and promote it. We will be having another themed show in the future but we will give ourselves a lot more time to get the work done for it!

Maybe two or three months.

My husband was able to paint twenty one paintings for the show and some of these were pretty big. I painted ten if you count my ACEO sized paintings too.

1980 art show  lydia puente harris

We have kids and it’s not like we can still stay up all night and still function like we used to do. So I thought everything turned out pretty good,considering.

We will have most of the art up all month but my husband plans to try and sell what doesn’t get bought locally online so not all of the pieces may make it for the entire month.(By month I mean until March the 19th.We tend to change out our paintings in time for our city’s art walk night.)

I plan to film our exhibit today so people not able to go to our gallery can enjoy it too. But for now I’ll share a video that Jonathan made of himself painting his  “Let’s Dance” David Bowie.

All in all I would call the show a success. We’ve had more people come to visit our gallery this month,I sold two of my 80’s themed ACEOs and Jonathan has already sold his Micheal Jackson painting,”Billie Jean” to a really awesome lady(and new friend). We have also had some interest in other paintings so hopefully our art will  find new homes that will love them.

jon his guns and christine

We will be selling artwork through eBay for pieces that do not sell locally:

Jonathan’s eBay link.

My ebay link.

Our Facebook page for the studio.


David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust art

I was kind of a weird kid growing up.

Shocking, I know.


Because here’s the thing, when you’re raised in a household where the only music that you’re allowed to listen to is Gospel music and if you’re lucky Elvis singing Gospel music and then you’re grandma starts watching you after school and she lets you watch MTV to your little musically depraved heart’s content…well,stuff happens.

When I was a kid MTV still played music videos but those hours that I was at my grandma’s house they were playing older music videos. Because of this I developed a lifelong love affair with Pat Benatar and David Bowie. (Thank you Grandma Maria.

David Bowie was actually my first big crush. (I’ve said this a lot of times in a lot of places. There’s really no reason for me to keep saying it…it’s just that it annoys the heck out of my husband for some reason and that makes me giggle.)


I’ve made a Ziggy Stardust ACEO and it’s currently listed on ebay right now for the Nibblefest Auction contest. It’s a very cool thing where lots of talented phenomenal artists list their artwork in seven day listings starting at the price of  .99 ,whoever’s piece ends on the highest price wins the contest. They graciously let me play along.:)

This month’s theme was the third letter of your name and as mine is D my mind automatically went to David. (You should definitely check out all of the awesome listings!)

You can find David here and there’s a link on my listing that will take to to the other artwork that was created this month.

P.S- I have not been posting 30 paintings 30 days as I should be doing but this one counts towards that,okay?