29 Days, days 5 and 6

Hello, I’m a little off today…possibly this week. It’s making me do silly things like leave random comments on people’s blogs and overshare on Facebook. I should be sorted out by October though so no worries.

On a good note?  I am very much liking the 29 faces challenge.

This is the face for day 5:


The prompt was spiced apples and if you look to the bottom of the page my pirate is drinking an apple cider which is kind of the only thing I could think of when I thought of spices and apples. So I figure she is either at a Halloween party or she’s a modern day pirate at sea with very good supplies.  One of those, I won’t over-think it. The girl was done with pencil and painted with instant coffee. I also used that on the page to make it look older.(I should probably mention that I borrowed one of my husband’s designs for this page- the koi fish is one of his tattoo designs and I transfered it with white paint and went over it with assorted  pens.)

This is my face for day 6:

The prompt was yellow brick house.  I sketched and colored the piggie last night when I was having trouble sleeping and added it today. I do like the thought of the three little piggies being part of the world of Oz and this one finding left over bricks from the yellow brick road to build his house with. I wanted it to be Oz-esque but subtle. If I buy some red glitter anytime soon it will be added.

My day 7 face hasn’t been drawn yet but I can’t think of a better day to end today than by doing that and checking out the other faces that everyone else has been working on. 🙂