Our new studio/gallery in Texas!!!!

DSC_0157I mentioned us getting a space to work in in my last post…that I posted 100 years ago,but I haven’t really shared anything about that since then.

It’s a great space. It has such a nice vibe to it. It’s just warm and that ceiling! I love it. Which is good because I will be using it to work in.

The first thing that my husband did was to paint all the walls a bright white. I resisted this idea at first. My family has a love affair with every shade of the turquoise blues (we get it from my father)and the room looked nice with the silver and this shade of blue I thought. A nice little jewel box.

But he was adamant that the paintings would really pop against a white background and he was right.

Especially his paintings with all of their awesome use of color. I think it makes the ceiling look shiner too.

art gallery texas

We made sure to be open for our city’s 5-9 art walk but we only made it just in time. Jon was literally hanging the last painting at 5:00 pm! Unfortunately or maybe fortunately…we didn’t get a whole lot of traffic.

It’s not like I was really surprised, I did not really promote it because we plan to do a grand opening next month. We wanted to get a feel for what being open to the public would be like. Our family and our friends were there and we really appreciated it. We also had some new people come by and one wants to come back and possible purchase a painting!

DSC_0170We keep saying this to ourselves but the spot really was a blessing. It’s a lovely part of town and I love having such a wonderful space to show our art in and to work in! We’re close to the art museum, the Michelle Cuevas studio she does really great paintings,pastel work and pottery and Vino Dipinte where they do painting classes and feature awesome art. It’s like a really cool new art spot!

I have plans to get the word out for next month and possibly get more people in. And we’re also toying with the idea of getting on  the map for the art walk. (How can people see you if they don’t know you are there, right?)

We plan on having snacks out for every art walk and being open on Saturday from 10-3.

nibbles and drinksWe’re not sure on hours for the rest of the week yet but I’ve been trying to be in from 10 -3 working on new stuff and I’m fine with people popping in then. We plan to have a theme and changing our paintings out every month. Okay, Jonathan plans on changing his paintings out every month…I will have at least five new paintings out.:) He’s more prolific than I am! So if you are near San Angelo please come by and see us.

JSH Art Studio/Gallery

520 Orient street

San Angelo,Texas 76903

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