I’ve started a new challenge…

I want to work in my art journal every day.
This isn’t a mandate or anything-
It’s just that I plan on working on things that will take me longer than a day to complete and I think it’s good to also have smaller projects that keep me from getting frustrated,things that don’t have to be “perfect” (whatever that is!)
I’ve joined a 30 day art journal group that Nicci Battilana is hosting for October. Every day she posts a prompt and we can use it for out art journals and then post our work.

Today’s prompt was to draw an interesting mailbox,our dream mailbox ,if you will…and I’m not giving the prompt anywhere near it’s due so please check her post out here.

I am running behind today- my mom had a doctors appt. that we took her to and then I had to go grocery shopping,pay mortgage-do assorted errands,pick up the kids- do homework,dinner,bath time …spend time chatting with fantastic friends on Facebook ,you know-life!
I’m okay with being a day behind though -I started my page anyway, so I’m really not bothered.

You might wonder what a little scarecrow girl has to do with a dream mailbox and to be honest…I’m wondering about that myself. I guess just wanted her on there somewhere because it’s the first day of October!
Let’s find out where this goes come tomorrow shall we? 🙂

30 day art journal facebook group!


Walled garden


Someday I hope to be able to write poetry. For now I’m content in adding a few lines of things I’d like to work on someday to my artwork.

She built a wall.

She needed rest.

But then she lost the key.

The flower lady is from 29 faces,I’m in the process of adding them into my big art journal.

My 29 faces altogether…

29 facesfebruary2014I made it! But just barely. I have the habit of getting very obsessed in one of my interests and then losing interest. It makes it hard for me to really excel at anything. I plan at sticking with my drawing for the time being …I think. When people like me say that there isn’t enough time in the day to do all that I’d like to do I get eye rolls. It does seem like I should have lots of time but somehow there are too many new things to try, so much that I wish I was better at. Tomorrow I plan to focus on figures for a while. It’s a harder subject for me but I really need the practice. I’d like to start writing again too..we’ll see.

29 faces,faces 10 and 11


I’m not sure how face 10 turned out like it did. I didn’t have a plan I just started adding paint to the page. Somehow it turned into an alien.
I have no idea.

For face 11 I had Mardi Gras on my mind. She’s missing the purple,gold and green but I hope to do another masked face that includes those colors. I sealed the pencil drawing with gesso and lost a teeny bit of the paper in the process. 😦 that’s what the white speck is near the nose.
I’m enjoying 29 faces a lot please keep checking here:
To see the fabulous art everyone is creating for this challenge.


29 faces,5 and 6

I’ve gotten ridiculously behind on the 29 faces challenge! We’ve all had colds and that’s not really an excuse but everything has really fallen behind. I’ve started another challenge for the month called the engine 2 challenge that deals with eating only vegan,plant strong foods.(No oils, no white flours.)

It’s going pretty well it’s just been a little time consuming to start off with. I had to make a few recipes to get me started that were new to me. It’s been fun though. I’ve been doing the vegan thing since last March but I hadn’t been eating the best stuff lately. Vegan does not always mean healthy,I mean Oreos are vegan! It’s good to be going back to what makes me feel better.

So anyway ….faces,#5 didn’t quite come out like the picture I tried to copy. But I do think this type of practice is good if I’m going to get better.



Face #6  is a face so I’m posting her but I really want to add her to my journal page and I’m not sure yet  if I should add color to her. Hopefully this weekend will include lots of time for painting and I’ll have another update soon. 🙂


#29faces , faces 3 and 4

29faces 3 and 4These pages turned out much more different than I first planned them out to be. I had made the background for them before the challenge started. It was all blues and yellows and a lot of the background page was left to peek out. I had thought I’d do something edgy here but…

when I got to this place in the journal, I didn’t feel like doing edgy. I added hearts to the page with plaster compound and looked through magazines to get inspired. I found a side profile to try and went to it.  Instead of sketching the face out onto a plain piece of paper in my sketch book I went ahead and drew it straight on with marker. I didn’t want to second guess myself. Truth be told if I had gone for a pencil drawing instead of the marker/paint one I did the image would have been nicer..possibly more like the model.

29 faces face 3That was face 3.

I like it but it’s different. Another model sketch was what I had in mind for face 4 but..

I wasn’t feeling it today. My mind has been very buzzy and unfocused today. I’ve committed myself to a lot of things,I know I’ll have to make tough choices and the house fell apart last week-I’m just struggling to get on top of everything again.

29 faces face 4It makes me wonder of scheduling myself so rigidly this year is backfire on me. I don’t do well with routine. I know I need it so that everything gets done but everything’s fine for a couple of weeks and then I refuse to stick to my schedule and everything blows up in my face.

I don’t know-I’m a work in progress I guess.

Face four is very much a quick piece. I’m not sure if the two go together but when I started 29faces I decided that I’d work in order on the pages that I had set aside for this. Hopefully I won’t regret doing that but it’s just an art journal so it’s not like making mistakes is a horrible thing! After all part of what I like most about 29 faces is the chance to experiment that it leaves you open to.