A girl and her kangaroo,18 of 30 paintings

I tried my just go quick painting thing again today.
Sometimes it works,sometimes it doesn’t.
And that’s okay I think. I had this image of my niece,Claudia when she was little and I really wanted to paint something based in it. (Because she’s adorable,obviously.)


It’s not what I wanted but
I have plans to try again. This is painting number 18 and I’m linking it to Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings,30 dats.:)



Oh Willy,you’re so fine..17 of #29faces

I do know that the song mentions Mickey and not Willy but I have a thing for Johnny Depp in any role.
Yes,even his mad hatter role.
This is number 17 of 29 faces and 30 paintings. I didn’t paint yesterday as I was in a little but if a funk.
I was in a funk today too but I pushed myself out of it.
As it happens I discovered something.
You know who helps with funks?
Thanks Johnny. 🙂
This was done fairly quickly,I just wanted to get something on the paper. It’s 8 x10 and acrylics on watercolor paper.
We’ll be going to art walk later but hopefully I can work more tonight.
Linking to Ayala Art’s 29 faces and Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings,30 days.


A step towards Pop Surrealism, 7 of #29faces,30 paintings

I almost didn’t get to write this today…Sundays go by very fast! I did work on a painting today though so I thought I’d go ahead and share it.

I love Mark Ryden’s paintings and the work of Jasmine Beckett Griffith. I also know that big eyed girls are all over the place right now,mostly because of these two artists.(I feel like they are taking what Margaret Keane started and taking it to the next level.)
I still love this style and I dabble in it sometimes.
I didn’t get to finish this but I will work on it as I go as I did with Frida. I’ll share completed paintings after these 30 days in case you are interested in how they turned out.:)
This is “Candy Girl”and was painted with acrylics and watercolors. It’s 9 x 12 on watercolor paper.
I still have a long way to go on this I think but I like the face so far.
Sharing with Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings in 30 days and Ayala Art’s 29 faces.




Wanted to share the update for “Candy Girl”

She is available for sale,$30,5 s&h please email me at artlovelife at gmail.com if you are interested. *Watermark is not on the original.