#29faces starts again today :) #Art

Today is February first and while others might have the super bowl or thoughts of Valentine’s Day approaching…I’m excited to start 29 faces again.:)

Because I did okay with 30 ACEO challenge and the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge last month but horribly at posting what I worked on-I will update about that soon.

This was my first face for February:


It’s called Red and a tribute to Red Riding Hood.

I’m part of a selling ACEOs on Ebay  group on Facebook and we were challenged to make a card that portrayed our favorite childhood stories. I had many favorites growing up but for the challenge I went with Red.

I always thought she had a heck of a lot of spunk for a kid who’s grandma just got eaten by a wolf. (Just sayin.)

I’m having trouble making buttons show up on my sidebar for some reason but you can find out more about 29 faces and the artists taking part by clicking this one:

29 faces

My 29 faces altogether…

29 facesfebruary2014I made it! But just barely. I have the habit of getting very obsessed in one of my interests and then losing interest. It makes it hard for me to really excel at anything. I plan at sticking with my drawing for the time being …I think. When people like me say that there isn’t enough time in the day to do all that I’d like to do I get eye rolls. It does seem like I should have lots of time but somehow there are too many new things to try, so much that I wish I was better at. Tomorrow I plan to focus on figures for a while. It’s a harder subject for me but I really need the practice. I’d like to start writing again too..we’ll see.

My #29faces are lagging.

I have the number of faces that I should have today but they aren’t very finished. I took to notepads,scraps of paper and pen or pencil last week when things got too crazy for anything else and I’m still not caught up on everything around here. I’m posting because it’s silly not to post the faces if I’ve done them,even if I haven’t colored them or put them into my psychology art journal yet. 

face 19: She’s meant to fit inside a pocket in my art journal.

032Face 20 is just something I wanted to try. I used to distort my images a lot more and I’m missing that. I might work on more of these in the future.


Faces 21,a go at Marilyn. I know I have a long way to go. Her face when you first see her is very different to how her face really is. Her jaw is much more square than I ever thought it was. I’m going to keep trying.20140224-151702.jpg

Faces 22,23,24:There are four faces but I didn’t do this with any intent at getting four faces knocked out quick. I was actually drawing with my 6 year daughter at the time and goofing around.  I figured since I never got around to drawing again after this I would just count these faces,but just three of them. 20140224-151720.jpgI am among other things,behind on seeing everyone’s faces but I’m determined to caught up there too! It’s easier to see everyone’s art on the Facebook page but I want to actually get around to everyone’s blogs too.


#29faces ,faces 17 and 18

Do you ever create something that you really don’t want to share? I’m experimenting with ideas most of the time. I’m much more comfortable drawing from my head than from an actual picture. I do want to get better at drawing from pictures but the thing I like best is not that,not right now.
Today I’m sharing two pictures that I drew from out of my head. The first one I’m pretty happy with. I did go a bit hard with my pencil but I’m okAy with the end result. The second though I don’t like at all.
Face 18 was done today while I was making Mardi gras decorations. I had an idea for it but neither the space I gave myself or the time I gave myself was enough. I’m okay with missing up- I’m less okay with sharing my mistakes! Oh well- faces 17 and 18. And a reminder to myself that art journals are for ideas not perfection! 🙂



#29faces ,Faces 12,13,14,15 and 16

I need to get better at blogging. I know that,you probably know that(maybe). It’s something that I keep telling myself -that I will get better at it.

I have five faces for the 29 faces challenge to share today. I’ll try really hard to not share that many in one go again.:/

Face 12:

face 12, 29faces

She was drawn in my husband’s office while I was borrowing his computer. This was on a scrap paper that he had used to test out his prismacolor map pencils on. So I kept using the prismacolors to draw and color this face.They’re nice to work with and I may need to get my own set.

Face 13 and 14:

child motherMother and child. I wanted to try painting with color in a way that’s different to how I usually use it. I think I need to establish specific rules if I do this again,I just had in my mind to switch how I use my black paints with white instead. I don’t mind it. I have a close of of the child and mother here and you might notice that I added more color to the child after I took that first photo.


Face 15,16:

I made a blue and white background and then added the faces later with sharpie marker.

sistersI didn’t feel blue when I drew this..I was having a case of the mean reds on this day though.(And if you know Breakfast at Tiffany’s then you’ll get that reference.)

I still need to work on face 17. And hopefully I’ll do that sooner than later.:)

29 faces,faces 10 and 11


I’m not sure how face 10 turned out like it did. I didn’t have a plan I just started adding paint to the page. Somehow it turned into an alien.
I have no idea.

For face 11 I had Mardi Gras on my mind. She’s missing the purple,gold and green but I hope to do another masked face that includes those colors. I sealed the pencil drawing with gesso and lost a teeny bit of the paper in the process. 😦 that’s what the white speck is near the nose.
I’m enjoying 29 faces a lot please keep checking here:
To see the fabulous art everyone is creating for this challenge.