David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust art

I was kind of a weird kid growing up.

Shocking, I know.


Because here’s the thing, when you’re raised in a household where the only music that you’re allowed to listen to is Gospel music and if you’re lucky Elvis singing Gospel music and then you’re grandma starts watching you after school and she lets you watch MTV to your little musically depraved heart’s content…well,stuff happens.

When I was a kid MTV still played music videos but those hours that I was at my grandma’s house they were playing older music videos. Because of this I developed a lifelong love affair with Pat Benatar and David Bowie. (Thank you Grandma Maria.

David Bowie was actually my first big crush. (I’ve said this a lot of times in a lot of places. There’s really no reason for me to keep saying it…it’s just that it annoys the heck out of my husband for some reason and that makes me giggle.)


I’ve made a Ziggy Stardust ACEO and it’s currently listed on ebay right now for the Nibblefest Auction contest. It’s a very cool thing where lots of talented phenomenal artists list their artwork in seven day listings starting at the price of  .99 ,whoever’s piece ends on the highest price wins the contest. They graciously let me play along.:)

This month’s theme was the third letter of your name and as mine is D my mind automatically went to David. (You should definitely check out all of the awesome listings!)

You can find David here and there’s a link on my listing that will take to to the other artwork that was created this month.

P.S- I have not been posting 30 paintings 30 days as I should be doing but this one counts towards that,okay?


Update on Fairy painting, art for sale

I’ve been holding off on painting until I get things a little more organized around here but…I finally just gave in a worked on a few things today.

The thing is I was feeling miserable because I wanted to paint and I wasn’t getting much done. Better to paint and then work on messes I think!

DSC_0483 (2)

Slow progress,I love watercolors but they get moody pretty quickly if you try to rush them!:)

Slow progress,I love watercolors but they get moody pretty quickly if you try to rush them!:)

I’ve been working on an Autumn fairy.


This Original Painting is 7 x 10 with a 11×14 border matboard
Watercolor, acrylic and glitter paint on Strathmore Watercolor paper.

© Lydia Puente Harris

Autumn Fairy,first in the Fairies of the Seasons series by artist Lydia Puente Harris,https://www.facebook.com/lifeartloves

She is available for sale and $30, $5 s&h. (If you are local(San Angelo,Texas) she is available for free pick up. If you would like her please message me at artloveslife at gmail.com.

Last post for September 29 faces 2014

I made it through 29 faces! I have all of the faces I made for this challenge here on this grid collage:

29 faces  Collage
faces I forgot to add

If you want to look at each face/post individually you can do that here.

I really enjoyed myself. Ayala always suggests that we do something that challenges us and this year my challenge was to paint each of the 29 faces. I didn’t quite do that in the end but I did get very,very close.:)

I look forward to getting caught up with the artists who took part in this now. I have visited now and then this last month but not as much as I’d like to do. Somehow I find it really hard  to keep up during challenges like this which is unfortunate but I do hope to get better at that. I think I just need to schedule my time better!

Thank you for coming by!


29 faces

Getting ready for Halloween

Yesterday i did a good amount of drawing and some painting. I just never updated about that painting or the drawing that I did. Technically I’m done with 29 faces with these-I will continue to make art for the rest of the month though. I want to make a bigger version of the witch for sure.

And I really want to use that pen drawing and turn it into a canvas painting. I just need to fit it all in.

My mom is coming into town today so the past 48 hours have been busy cleaning and looking for Halloween decorations.
Because my mother Loves Halloween.
I’m joking,she actually hates Halloween as much as I love it. It’s our thing. I go all out with decorating for All Hallow’s Eve and she grinds her teeth until November comes.
It’s cute.

I hope to finish these ACEO cards and my watercolor today.

Linking to Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings,30 days and Ayala Art’s 29 faces. (Tick tock, tick tock .) 🙂



IMG_6505.JPGUpdate:these ACEOs have been finished and are available for purchase here at my new Etsy shop.:)

mummy girl aceo

mummy girl aceo

Vampire girl and friend

Vampire girl and friend


Caterina,woman,cat morphed painting

I’ve been enjoying everyone’s work immensely as I go along. And getting inspired too! If you noticed my clown lady from an earlier post then you might have remembered the Smile art journal page that I made for day 12. That is because when I made that cartoon character based Nicci’s design I really wanted to play around with making a more realistic clown right after.

I spotted some fabulous animal morphed humans on Minerva Levinston’s blog and felt inspired to make an animal morphed human face too.

I painted this:

I like her and may do more in the future.This was a really,really fun one to do!
She is on 9 x 12 watercolor paper ,painted with acrylics and water colors.
I’m also thinking on what I’ll be creating for an art show,Women painting Women and for a Facebook art collective auction called Twisted Ruby Red Slippers Artist Collective where myself and loads of fantastic artists will have artwork up for auction towards the end of October. I’m really hoping I can create something good,wish me luck!
Linking to Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings,30 days and Ayala Art’s 29 faces. Thanks for coming by! 🙂



Fairy watercolor painting

I really,really want to get better at doing watercolors. That is going to take practice and patience….I’m not great when it comes to patience. 🙂
I’m trying.


This is a fairy watercolor,I did use a little white acrylic in places as well-the wings were fading into the background so I wanted to lighten them. This is 9×12 on watercolor paper. Linking this to Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings in 30 days as painting number 23,which is way more paintings then I did last month. (Behind but still going!)
Thanks for coming by!