A beary sad girl,#29faces 30 days 30 paintings

I worked on several ACEOs and I wanted to share two of them today.
The first is called “A beary sad girl” I’m not sure why she’s sad she just turned out that way. We were watching The Rescuers while I drew her and maybe I was influenced by it?

The second ACEO is called “Alien Princess”
Both ACEOs are mixed media (acrylic,colored pencil) on Bristol paper. 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches

These are paintings 8 and 9 for
Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings in 30 days
And Ayala Art’s 29 faces 🙂




Blondie, #4 OF 30 PAINTINGS,#29FACES

My fourth painting,Blondie is another ACEO, acrylics on Bristol  paper. I had Dagwood’s wife in mind when I was drawing her up but of course she is different to that classic Sunday comic character.


I have to admit that painting so many ACEOs feels like cheating this challenge somehow but I don’t know why. They don’t take less time to complete,sometimes they might even take longer than a bigger piece! It’s a size thing I guess. Now that I see this image enlarged I see I will need to go over the eyes again. 

I want to challenge myself in regards to my drafting skills and paint from life-this painting,the one I did yesterday is from my mind. Paintings from my mind are soooo much faster and easier than actually trying to draw from life for me. So I hope to do more of those soon. They take longer but I need the practice! 

Seeing Red


My  project this week has been my take on the Red Queen. It’s spun off from an ACEO series of Wonderland that I started first. I drew  Alice with her cat,  Dinah and the White Rabbit in the background for the first card I did and then I started on my Red Queen. My plans are to finish this one and then go on to do the White Queen and the Mad Hatter. As soon as I drew her out however, I realized that I really wanted to do something different with her and also make her larger.I’ve always had a soft spot for this lady for some reason.

It’s not ideal to start with a change in your ideas and then go back to your original train of thought.(Why do I do that so often?)

When I first drew out my queen for the ACEO she had big hair. For this painting I traded her big hair in for a hair covering instead.

And then applied heavy white paint in order to block out the red background.

And then wanted her to have hair similar to the card image I had done first of all. (Ugh)

I definitely like her hair now better than I liked the head covering but there’s a white outline that keeps poking through so I’ll have to keep fiddling with that to get it right. (My husband mentioned the hair needs more dimension anyway so I do think with a little gesso and more paint it should be okay….(I hope!)

There’s a lot more work that I want to do with the way the hair falls in front and with the background still but here’s my Red Queen so far.


Happy Paint Party Friday!

(*Follow the link for a peek at other artist making some great art.)


The people’s Art Contest

I recently learned about something called the People’s Art Contest
via Elaine Vernon. Elaine Vernon It’s a really interesting way for artists to share their work and enter a contest that they contribute to. Each entry is $6.
This is late notice I know, but any of an artist’s works,past and present are able to entered. The work doesn’t even have to still be in the artists procession as long as the artist is the creator of the artwork and they have a photo they can enter. The theme for March is wings. So if you have artwork that could work with this theme you should come link up! (Or at least come see the awesome entries.)

My entry is this, two canvases meant to be hung as one. I called it ‘Black bird,black bird”and it was created with acrylics and some paper collage elements.
I’m a little weird in that I’ve always thought black birds to be beautiful. They’re elegant and striking to me in a way that only someone who often feels as awkward as I sometimes do,can relate. 🙂


#29faces ,faces 17 and 18

Do you ever create something that you really don’t want to share? I’m experimenting with ideas most of the time. I’m much more comfortable drawing from my head than from an actual picture. I do want to get better at drawing from pictures but the thing I like best is not that,not right now.
Today I’m sharing two pictures that I drew from out of my head. The first one I’m pretty happy with. I did go a bit hard with my pencil but I’m okAy with the end result. The second though I don’t like at all.
Face 18 was done today while I was making Mardi gras decorations. I had an idea for it but neither the space I gave myself or the time I gave myself was enough. I’m okay with missing up- I’m less okay with sharing my mistakes! Oh well- faces 17 and 18. And a reminder to myself that art journals are for ideas not perfection! 🙂



29 faces,faces 10 and 11


I’m not sure how face 10 turned out like it did. I didn’t have a plan I just started adding paint to the page. Somehow it turned into an alien.
I have no idea.

For face 11 I had Mardi Gras on my mind. She’s missing the purple,gold and green but I hope to do another masked face that includes those colors. I sealed the pencil drawing with gesso and lost a teeny bit of the paper in the process. 😦 that’s what the white speck is near the nose.
I’m enjoying 29 faces a lot please keep checking here:
To see the fabulous art everyone is creating for this challenge.