Nibblefest entry for Two or more creatures mixed together

I’ve watched the Nibblefest Facebook page for ages from afar without joining in. Well,I’ve finally tried my hand at one of their prompts and listed on ebay.

Nibblefest is a monthly themed art contest. Contests run from the 20th to the 27th of every month. All artwork is listed on Ebay .com at 99¢ no reserve!

The theme for November was two or more creatures joined together and while I had many ideas in the end I went with this one:

butterfly fairy womanMy Lady Butterfly.

You can find the listing for her here,she’s a 5×7 acrylic painting on watercolor paper. She does not come framed but will be packaged in a way to avoid damage. Please have a look at here on the ebay page where I have more photos. And look at the others who are competing in this contest too. 🙂




SugarPlum Fairy ACEO

Day two of the 30 ACEO in 30 day challenge.

If you can’t tell that I really like challenges than let me just say that I do,I really like challenges. It’s not really incentive to do something that makes them interesting to me it’s seeing what others do with the same prompt. I mentioned that this particular challenge is to make 30 holiday themed ACEOs in 30 days and all of the artists participating are making very cool cards for the challenge. Penny Stewart has decided to do a Nutcracker theme,not The Nutcracker just Nutcrackers in general. Gaylene Allen has decided to go with a candy theme and Joy Redington of Spreading Joy through Art  has chosen not to go with a theme besides the Christmas one. You can see all of the cards for this challenge here.

Sugarplum fairyThis card is my version of the Sugarplum fairy. 3.5 x 2.5 Acrylics,watercolor and prismacolor pencils. Available for sale $6.00,$1.00 shipping and you can pay through paypal if you get in touch with me at lydiapharris at gmail dot com. 🙂


Power puff girls and a sick little

My youngest has bronchitis and needs breathing treatments every three to four hours. 😦 it stinks and it was scary at first because this is new to us,but it’s going okay.
We’ve watched a lot if cartoons together and not gotten a lot of sleep. Hopefully she’ll be over this soon though!


I was looking through instgram last night and @creativepush (an artist who likes to share other artist’s artwork) has started doing #themepush. It’s essentially a prompt that you draw and tagged so others can see you easily. The first theme was Nickelodeon. Power puff girls came to mind because I like them and I knew my girl would like watching me draw them. Paint was out of the question because I’m camped out on the couch for the time being. I went with colored pencils and crayon.


In the end I ended up doing three versions of Blossom,Buttercup and Bubbles. I’m only counting the last one towards 29 faces though and this brings me to face # 22, 23 and 24 .
🙂 linking to Ayala Art’s 29faces.


A girl and her kangaroo,18 of 30 paintings

I tried my just go quick painting thing again today.
Sometimes it works,sometimes it doesn’t.
And that’s okay I think. I had this image of my niece,Claudia when she was little and I really wanted to paint something based in it. (Because she’s adorable,obviously.)


It’s not what I wanted but
I have plans to try again. This is painting number 18 and I’m linking it to Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings,30 dats.:)


Alice, a mermaid and Poseidon,oh my!

I have been working on several projects lately. I had intended to focus solely on the Wonderland theme but my mom had surgery recently and she’s come to stay with us. It’s a little hard to have my canvas and paints out right now. It doesn’t bother me because I got Alice out of my system before my mom actually had surgery,I was able to finish her the day before,actually. And she was a painting I had been keen to work on and finish before going on to the Mad Hatter and White witch.



I’m still getting art time but I’m more focused on getting better at drawing from life (I’m not sharing these at this time,or maybe ever) and also doing some watercolor work. I stumbled upon this mermaid that I had drawn for a Summer of Color challenge last year…or the year before,not really sure. I decided that I wanted to add color to her and this is her now:


I’ve been wanting to try participating in Illustration Friday and I noticed this week’s theme was beards. Who better to draw a beard for than Poseidon? (My husband walked by pre-color and thought I was drawing a shirtless Santa so okay,there are other options when illustrating beards but Poseidon was my choice. My Siren needed a daddy…or something.


I’m thinking of working on a mermaid on canvas series in the future,right after my Wonderland canvases are done,of course. Or maybe during? Sometimes you have to let paint dry afterall. 🙂

I’m submitting the mermaid and Alice for Paint Party Friday

and the bearded Poseidon for Illustration Friday.

Yellow Pink Techie Girl

This is inspired by the story that I’m working on-she is one of my favorite characters right now. The picture didn’t come out true to the original’s colors so I boosted it, but the real painting is more in between the two. It was really a quick sketch because I wanted more pictures up for my inspiration wall but hadn’t found anything I thought was right for the character.

The colors I used here are to go with the next Summer of Color prompt:

I think fun when I see yellow anyway but paired with pink? Love it. I can’t wait to see the other prompts for this color. It is amazing to me how everyone comes up with such interesting, fantastic but very different stuff by following the same prompt.  Go here to see tons of fantastic loveliness!

Minty Bird

The prompt for this week in the Summer of Color 2 was:mint chocolate chip.

This happens to be my husband’s favorite ice cream flavor. I got very excited when I first heard this and figured that I’d get lots of ideas for it. Then I waited til the last minute to try making something and I had a really had time thinking of something to go with the challenge!

I finally came up with this little bird, but I don’t 100% love how my mint green came out. The brown came out a little better I think because it reminds me of chocolate, but it’s not really chip like.  I still like the birdy though so there’s that.

I used acrylics and a black marker pen and I got the paint effect in the background by painting it onto a different piece of paper first and then pressing the two together.

I can’t wait to go see what everyone’s made this week!

Happily adding this to the Summer of Color 2. 🙂