Artist Bio

profile pictureMy name is Lydia Puente Harris.

I’m a mother of two,based in Texas, who also shares her life with an artist husband and a slightly hyperactive border terrier. Dinnertime is usually very interesting in our household.

I have been creating artwork since I was a  young child,my father liked to paint and draw horses and I liked sharing that activity with him. Some of my favorite memories of my childhood were drawing with him at our kitchen table.

I am self taught, but I have had many artists influence and inspire me- I have been a huge fan of Frida Kahlo,Van Gogh and Dali for most of my life. I continue to be inspired by other artists as I age and have a lot of respect for Jasmine Beckett Griffith and Tara Mcpherson and really get excited by the work of Japanese artist Yosuke Ueno.

I feel very blessed to live in age were the art world is very open to different types of artwork,I do feel like everyone can love and appreciate art. (If you don’t feel that way-maybe you haven’t met your artist just yet!)

I want my art to be cute or beautiful, fun but a little twisted. I enjoy using pop and literal references in my artwork. I believe above all else  in telling stories with art -when you look at one of my drawings or paintings I really hope that you will wonder what the subject was thinking or what will happen next in his or her journey.

Thank you for coming by!

You can reach me at: lydiapharris at

My Facebook artpage is here.

I share my artwork at JSH Studio/Gallery


that Facebook page is here.

I usually have ACEOs and painting up for auction here:

Lady Butterfly close up



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    • Nicole thank you! I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner my internet time has been really limited lately.(My husband is making loads of new fonts an editing them)Thank you!

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