30 paintings in 30 days,day 4

I’m not where I’m “supposed” to  be but I did manage to paint today..so that’s something. Right?

I’m going to say yes.

I worked on a painting that I’ve been trying to finish for a long time and I think it’s finally done now. I’d like to say that this image

bubble pop princess

is that painting finished but

I actually added to it a little bit more after I took this picture.

Sometimes it’s really hard to stop.

I also started and finished a small painting today:

go lucky bear

I had left over paint from the big painting and a small canvas that I bought in a pack to share with the girls.

It’s just a little cartoony bear but I like it okay. My youngest loves it so there’s that.:)

It’s an interesting time for me. We are trying to get things together for the studio space in town and we are running into a little bit of trouble with the electricity. It turns out that we need a permit for some reason. But we’ll call to sort it out tomorrow and I’m SURE IT’LL BE OKAY IN THE END.

It’s hard for us because we’ve had a week of being stuck in the house because of frozen streets and New Years eve has also meant that it was hard to talk to the people that we needed to talk to in order to get the ball rolling.

It’ll be okay- I’m finishing up paintings and Jon’s been working on a few new spectacular canvases. and putting all of my paintings together? It’s good seeing everything in one space like that. I’m hoping that it’ll encorgae me to keep painting and growing as an artist.

I’ll update as I can. 🙂

P.S- the girls go back to school tomorrow and that’s good in a way but I’m also freaking out a little because routines do that to me. Back to school means back to routine. Wish us luck.

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