ACEOS for sale,and a give away too

I’ve been horrible about updating! I have been busy painting and making ACEOs but mostly I haven’t been posting because my Ipod Touch broke on me. It’s just a lot easier for me to post pictures and updates when I have a mini computer with me at all times! I am going to try to come on here more often though-I miss updating here and also seeing what others are up to.

As I mentioned I have been making lots of ACEOs. I’ve been toying with listing them on ebay for a while and I finally took the plunge last night. So far I’ve listed “Clara” ,”The Nutcracker” ,“Sugar Plum Fairy” and Toy soldiers“Like Toy Soldiers” from the Nutcracker themed ACEO set I made for 30 ACEOs in 30 days.

Black heart girlI’ve also listed this one that I call “Black Heart Girl”.

All of my ACEOs are on auction with the starting bid at $0.99 , I’m offering free shipping at this time for orders in the US and $3 shipping to other countries. I say for now because I’d like to see how that goes before committing to doing that forever.:)

I also have a limited time giveaway to celebrate me listing my ACEOs. You can find it on my Facebook page and the card I am giving away is below. I call her “Blonde Star”. I’d love you to come by and enter! 🙂

Blonde star

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