I’ve started a new challenge…

I want to work in my art journal every day.
This isn’t a mandate or anything-
It’s just that I plan on working on things that will take me longer than a day to complete and I think it’s good to also have smaller projects that keep me from getting frustrated,things that don’t have to be “perfect” (whatever that is!)
I’ve joined a 30 day art journal group that Nicci Battilana is hosting for October. Every day she posts a prompt and we can use it for out art journals and then post our work.

Today’s prompt was to draw an interesting mailbox,our dream mailbox ,if you will…and I’m not giving the prompt anywhere near it’s due so please check her post out here.

I am running behind today- my mom had a doctors appt. that we took her to and then I had to go grocery shopping,pay mortgage-do assorted errands,pick up the kids- do homework,dinner,bath time …spend time chatting with fantastic friends on Facebook ,you know-life!
I’m okay with being a day behind though -I started my page anyway, so I’m really not bothered.

You might wonder what a little scarecrow girl has to do with a dream mailbox and to be honest…I’m wondering about that myself. I guess just wanted her on there somewhere because it’s the first day of October!
Let’s find out where this goes come tomorrow shall we? 🙂

30 day art journal facebook group!

I'd love to know what you think!

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