Getting ready for Halloween

Yesterday i did a good amount of drawing and some painting. I just never updated about that painting or the drawing that I did. Technically I’m done with 29 faces with these-I will continue to make art for the rest of the month though. I want to make a bigger version of the witch for sure.

And I really want to use that pen drawing and turn it into a canvas painting. I just need to fit it all in.

My mom is coming into town today so the past 48 hours have been busy cleaning and looking for Halloween decorations.
Because my mother Loves Halloween.
I’m joking,she actually hates Halloween as much as I love it. It’s our thing. I go all out with decorating for All Hallow’s Eve and she grinds her teeth until November comes.
It’s cute.

I hope to finish these ACEO cards and my watercolor today.

Linking to Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings,30 days and Ayala Art’s 29 faces. (Tick tock, tick tock .) 🙂



IMG_6505.JPGUpdate:these ACEOs have been finished and are available for purchase here at my new Etsy shop.:)

mummy girl aceo

mummy girl aceo

Vampire girl and friend

Vampire girl and friend


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