Caterina,woman,cat morphed painting

I’ve been enjoying everyone’s work immensely as I go along. And getting inspired too! If you noticed my clown lady from an earlier post then you might have remembered the Smile art journal page that I made for day 12. That is because when I made that cartoon character based Nicci’s design I really wanted to play around with making a more realistic clown right after.

I spotted some fabulous animal morphed humans on Minerva Levinston’s blog and felt inspired to make an animal morphed human face too.

I painted this:

I like her and may do more in the future.This was a really,really fun one to do!
She is on 9 x 12 watercolor paper ,painted with acrylics and water colors.
I’m also thinking on what I’ll be creating for an art show,Women painting Women and for a Facebook art collective auction called Twisted Ruby Red Slippers Artist Collective where myself and loads of fantastic artists will have artwork up for auction towards the end of October. I’m really hoping I can create something good,wish me luck!
Linking to Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings,30 days and Ayala Art’s 29 faces. Thanks for coming by! 🙂



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