Power puff girls and a sick little

My youngest has bronchitis and needs breathing treatments every three to four hours. 😦 it stinks and it was scary at first because this is new to us,but it’s going okay.
We’ve watched a lot if cartoons together and not gotten a lot of sleep. Hopefully she’ll be over this soon though!


I was looking through instgram last night and @creativepush (an artist who likes to share other artist’s artwork) has started doing #themepush. It’s essentially a prompt that you draw and tagged so others can see you easily. The first theme was Nickelodeon. Power puff girls came to mind because I like them and I knew my girl would like watching me draw them. Paint was out of the question because I’m camped out on the couch for the time being. I went with colored pencils and crayon.


In the end I ended up doing three versions of Blossom,Buttercup and Bubbles. I’m only counting the last one towards 29 faces though and this brings me to face # 22, 23 and 24 .
🙂 linking to Ayala Art’s 29faces.


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