Numbers 18,19&20 of #29faces

These are also Numbers 19,20 and 21 of 30 paintings.
I started this on Friday but wasn’t able to finish her.
I call her Teary Clown
She’s acrylic on water color paper,about 8 x 10.


Second painting was drawn on Saturday but I had a writing workshop that took precedent so I finished her today also.
I call her Swirling but happy
She is Ali acrylic and on watercolor paper. 8×10


Last painting I had to do because I’m really looking forward to Halloween!


She is “Morticia in Love”
8×10,acrylics on watercolor paper.
She’s not quite finished yet,I plan to touch her up a little once she’s dried completely.
And now I find myself in my kitchen remembering that I promised my youngest veggie lasagna tonight and wondering if she’ll remember…
Linking to Leslie Saeta’s 30 paintings,30 days and Ayala Art’s 29faces.

17 thoughts on “Numbers 18,19&20 of #29faces

    • It’s been a challenge to paint all of them but I was determined to try 30 paintings in 30 days this year and I didn’t think it’d be possible to paint and draw faces so I combined the two….

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