Faces 15,16 of #29faces

Today I got caught up on faces!
Just not the way that I had planned to.
(I’m caught up on paintings as well but I don’t have proof of that yet…)

My daughters school has been reading this great book called Lemonade War and is having a lemonade war to go with that. Every grade is finding different ways to earn the most money selling lemonade and the money earned will get donated at the end of the week to a local charity. My first grader had their stand yesterday and their tactic was to sell booster tickets in addition to the cups of lemonade. My 3rd grader’s class will be selling lemon slushies as well as snacks and lemonade. They also want to go all out with decorations which was one of the tactics used in the book they just finished.

So my daughter asked me to make a few of the decorations and we whipped one up this morning before school based on the minion drawing she did.IMG_6246(I didn’t get a picture of my sign but I’ll do that tomorrow.We were cutting it pretty close to the wire…which happens when you agree to something and then get sideswiped with visitors and forget until the morning that something is due.)
I also did this sign that I just finished based on my youngest daughter’s drawing:IMG_6247

IMG_6243So you see technically I am caught up with my paintings and my faces….but it does feel a little like cheating.:)

Linking to Ayala Art’s 29 faces and Leslie Saeta‘s 30 paintings,30 days.




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