Blondie, #4 OF 30 PAINTINGS,#29FACES

My fourth painting,Blondie is another ACEO, acrylics on Bristol  paper. I had Dagwood’s wife in mind when I was drawing her up but of course she is different to that classic Sunday comic character.


I have to admit that painting so many ACEOs feels like cheating this challenge somehow but I don’t know why. They don’t take less time to complete,sometimes they might even take longer than a bigger piece! It’s a size thing I guess. Now that I see this image enlarged I see I will need to go over the eyes again. 

I want to challenge myself in regards to my drafting skills and paint from life-this painting,the one I did yesterday is from my mind. Paintings from my mind are soooo much faster and easier than actually trying to draw from life for me. So I hope to do more of those soon. They take longer but I need the practice! 

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