There are several nudes in this post.

There’s nothing really graphic to see here but I have that as a title because I know some people don’t care to see nude art and I like to give people the chance to chose.

This month my husband and I took part in a nude exhibit hosted by a local art gallery,Vino Dipinte.

Here are the paintings that I did:

BubblesThis one is called Bubbles and is 16 x 20. It’s done in acrylics and it’s part of my experimentation with using *layers in my paintings.

This is another 16 x 20 one where I tried the layer approach,this time with brighter colors.

galaxy girl


My husband did three paintings for the show.Unfortunately they are all on his Iphone or on his instagram.:/ So I have to just share the links to them.

This one is called Labor Pains.

This one is called She’s Pregnant.

And this final one is called Summer Storm. All three are done in acrylics. (I’ll have to check on the sizes and update later.)

I love these and you can see more of his artwork here on his  instagram. I know clicking on links is kind of annoying but they are all really good paintings and I hope you get a chance to see them.:)

I'd love to know what you think!

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