The people’s Art Contest

I recently learned about something called the People’s Art Contest
via Elaine Vernon. Elaine Vernon It’s a really interesting way for artists to share their work and enter a contest that they contribute to. Each entry is $6.
This is late notice I know, but any of an artist’s works,past and present are able to entered. The work doesn’t even have to still be in the artists procession as long as the artist is the creator of the artwork and they have a photo they can enter. The theme for March is wings. So if you have artwork that could work with this theme you should come link up! (Or at least come see the awesome entries.)

My entry is this, two canvases meant to be hung as one. I called it ‘Black bird,black bird”and it was created with acrylics and some paper collage elements.
I’m a little weird in that I’ve always thought black birds to be beautiful. They’re elegant and striking to me in a way that only someone who often feels as awkward as I sometimes do,can relate. 🙂


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