My #29faces are lagging.

I have the number of faces that I should have today but they aren’t very finished. I took to notepads,scraps of paper and pen or pencil last week when things got too crazy for anything else and I’m still not caught up on everything around here. I’m posting because it’s silly not to post the faces if I’ve done them,even if I haven’t colored them or put them into my psychology art journal yet. 

face 19: She’s meant to fit inside a pocket in my art journal.

032Face 20 is just something I wanted to try. I used to distort my images a lot more and I’m missing that. I might work on more of these in the future.


Faces 21,a go at Marilyn. I know I have a long way to go. Her face when you first see her is very different to how her face really is. Her jaw is much more square than I ever thought it was. I’m going to keep trying.20140224-151702.jpg

Faces 22,23,24:There are four faces but I didn’t do this with any intent at getting four faces knocked out quick. I was actually drawing with my 6 year daughter at the time and goofing around.  I figured since I never got around to drawing again after this I would just count these faces,but just three of them. 20140224-151720.jpgI am among other things,behind on seeing everyone’s faces but I’m determined to caught up there too! It’s easier to see everyone’s art on the Facebook page but I want to actually get around to everyone’s blogs too.



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