#29faces ,faces 17 and 18

Do you ever create something that you really don’t want to share? I’m experimenting with ideas most of the time. I’m much more comfortable drawing from my head than from an actual picture. I do want to get better at drawing from pictures but the thing I like best is not that,not right now.
Today I’m sharing two pictures that I drew from out of my head. The first one I’m pretty happy with. I did go a bit hard with my pencil but I’m okAy with the end result. The second though I don’t like at all.
Face 18 was done today while I was making Mardi gras decorations. I had an idea for it but neither the space I gave myself or the time I gave myself was enough. I’m okay with missing up- I’m less okay with sharing my mistakes! Oh well- faces 17 and 18. And a reminder to myself that art journals are for ideas not perfection! 🙂




3 thoughts on “#29faces ,faces 17 and 18

  1. Oh my gosh, I make stuff I can’t share all the time. I’ve got so many unfinished things around here! I actually really like the second, colored one! Sort of mysterious or magical – maybe a witch or shaman! (You never know what other people might like! I find that some things I don’t like much, other people really like. So you may as well share some of em.) 🙂

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