#29faces , faces 3 and 4

29faces 3 and 4These pages turned out much more different than I first planned them out to be. I had made the background for them before the challenge started. It was all blues and yellows and a lot of the background page was left to peek out. I had thought I’d do something edgy here but…

when I got to this place in the journal, I didn’t feel like doing edgy. I added hearts to the page with plaster compound and looked through magazines to get inspired. I found a side profile to try and went to it.  Instead of sketching the face out onto a plain piece of paper in my sketch book I went ahead and drew it straight on with marker. I didn’t want to second guess myself. Truth be told if I had gone for a pencil drawing instead of the marker/paint one I did the image would have been nicer..possibly more like the model.

29 faces face 3That was face 3.

I like it but it’s different. Another model sketch was what I had in mind for face 4 but..

I wasn’t feeling it today. My mind has been very buzzy and unfocused today. I’ve committed myself to a lot of things,I know I’ll have to make tough choices and the house fell apart last week-I’m just struggling to get on top of everything again.

29 faces face 4It makes me wonder of scheduling myself so rigidly this year is backfire on me. I don’t do well with routine. I know I need it so that everything gets done but everything’s fine for a couple of weeks and then I refuse to stick to my schedule and everything blows up in my face.

I don’t know-I’m a work in progress I guess.

Face four is very much a quick piece. I’m not sure if the two go together but when I started 29faces I decided that I’d work in order on the pages that I had set aside for this. Hopefully I won’t regret doing that but it’s just an art journal so it’s not like making mistakes is a horrible thing! After all part of what I like most about 29 faces is the chance to experiment that it leaves you open to.

I'd love to know what you think!

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