29 faces,1 of 29


I prepped a few pages from my art book for this challenge yesterday. Not a lot,I still want to be able to add to them when I add my faces,but a layer of paint down is a help.
For my first page I let a little of what was on the page show through.
There was an outline of a man’s head here that showed veins and the brain before. I covered it with a thin layer of white and drew on top of that with markers and crayon.
I tried to mimic a photo I saw on google where a side profile is spliced with the front view of the same face.it’s something to work on but…
I kind of like this to start my 29 faces pages off.check out more 29 faces here


8 thoughts on “29 faces,1 of 29

    • Thank you Gloria,it was nice meeting you too! And I’m sorry I think it’s kind of hard to find me,I need to stick to one blog and I probably will do soon. (I have cut down some though,I had five once,lol.)

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