30 paintings in 30 days


I’m always on the look out for new pod casts that go with whatever it is that I feel I need help with. When I’m writing it’s always StoryWonk that I listen to,when I’m needing cleaning motivation I like to listen to A Slob Comes Clean. Sometimes I’ll venture over to the Stuff you Should Know family when I want to be entertained.

I listen to a lot of pod casts.

It occurred to me the other day to look for pod casts that had to do with Art as I’m trying to focus more on that this year and I literally stumbled across the Artists Helping Artists podcast. I am loving this show! I’ve already listened to pod casts on developing a signature style and how artists should be using Facebook in order to sell their work,increase the people who see their artwork.I can see a lot of ways that this pod casts will help me when I’m ready to sell my art. (I’m not quite there yet,but it’s good stuff to know,you know?)

One of the things that they do every so often is a 30 paintings in 30 days type challenge. This is perfect for someone who is trying to get themselves painting more often and develop their skills. I’ve missed the chance to do this officially with the group this time but I really hope to try next time they do this again.(I really do hope there will be a next time!) In the meanwhile I’ve challenged myself to paint every day in my art journal for a month.

So I will be done with this challenge on February the 20th-I need a push and even though not many people may know I’m trying this I’ll know and will post my work for the day here.

I have promised myself to do a lot more stuff this year. I want to work out more,write more and paint more….but if I can at least paint more I think I’ll be very happy with my year.

So here’s to the challenge of that.

Work today-I started by free drawing a picture with wine and a twisty tie this morning and shifted over to using my fingers,hence the smudge. I had seen someone talk about using coffee to paint with once, so this isn’t very original. It was a whim and I’m pretty happy with the results.

art journal 14I added it to my art journal psychology book and then started to work on the other side of the book,it was a drawing that I sketched and left last year.


If you like to listen to podcasts yourself,here are a few links to the ones that I talked about and am enjoying right now:

Artists Helping Artists

A Slob Comes Clean


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