Summer of Color 3-sage and sepia

Well this year’s Summer of Color did not go the way that I planned. This is the last week of Summer of Color and only the second time that I have participated. :|. I took for granted that my inlaws visiting and a huge summer road trip would not keep me from participating  but I was wrong. It’s not a huge deal and I’ve been enjoying seeing what others have done for the challenges when I am able to. A big thanks to Kristin of Twinkle,Twinkle for hosting this again and giving all of us a chance to mingle while getting  inspired. I can’t wait til the next Summer of Color comes around again.:)

The colors for this week were sepia and sage. I took the chance of trying a sepia oil paint that I had and got as close to sage as I could do with watercolors. This art journal spread is in my text book journal(I hope to do a vlog on it soon.) Thanks for coming by,

Lyd.  sage.sepia

20 thoughts on “Summer of Color 3-sage and sepia

  1. Your art work is beautiful! I love how you incorporated the sage & sepia! Thanks so much for visiting me too & your kind words, they made me smile 🙂 I’m sorry to see this challenge end too, keeping my fingers crossed that Kristen has something else up her sleeve real soon ! 😉

  2. Love your journal pages! Looking back now, I realize I never did do a single face in all the Summer of Color weeks.. Even though I’m not very good with a paint brush yet, I wish I did.. But oh well, it was fun just the same!… Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

  3. These are wonderful pages! I’m glad you got a chance to play, but also celebrate that your summer has been filled with other things that I’m sure will (or have already) become those inexplicable sparks of inspiration that show up later.

  4. Your journal pages look great! I had also a look at your artwork you did for SOC last year and it is beautiful! It would be nice to see more of your lovely pictures if you will find some time although I know that it is really difficult to find spare time and a quiet place to paint.

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