29 faces and a bottle of rum

I have no idea why I added the rum bit..possibly because I had hoped to incorporate Captain Sparrow into my book somehow but never did somehow.

Or possibly because I’m deranged from drawing seven faces today.

Most likely I’m deranged already or I wouldn’t have tried drawing that many faces in one day.


I don’t know it’s a chicken and the egg situation. Or something.

I’m also very,very sorry for photo bombing you by the way.

The intent to post daily or every other day was there but never came to fruition

And as I’ve said there were days where no faces were drawn because I was otherwise occupied.

I am happy that I finally got all my faces done.

I am kinda horrible at finishing what I start. Maybe I’m turning over a new leaf?

I hope.

(Not all of the journal pages are completed to satisfaction but the faces are there.

And in this case I think the face is the thing.

I also have some blog hopping to do now.

Thank you for coming by. 🙂



9 thoughts on “29 faces and a bottle of rum

  1. Lydia! I really like your style. Your faces are raw, honest, and real. I adore the contorted face dated 9/28. Congrats on finishing the challenge. I did the first one – no easy task! :o)

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