29 faces update…I’m just a little behind

As of Saturday evening I was caught up but Saturday and Monday happened with not much but a quick sketch taking place. I think (I hope) that counts though so I’m sharing it.

Not all of my faces are my favorite thing ever but a lot of them are things that I’d like to try recreating later. I’m taking this as an opportunity to also try new things I’ve not tried before. Incorporating wax for instance, doing more mixed media. Just finding what I like doing best I guess.

If you haven’t done so yet  I invite you to click on the 29 faces button on my blog. You can see so many great examples of styles and techniques as others make their 29 faces in their own fabulous ways.

Lets call this Saturday catch-up 🙂

no prompt used and I don’t love this..but I like the idea so may re-do it

inspired by SAW Spirit Candle prompt,art geek’s Gothic romance prompt and tut and my love of the ballroom scene in the Labyrinth.

4 thoughts on “29 faces update…I’m just a little behind

  1. What a good idea! I would love to be better at sketching faces… I like your sketches, very creative. Maybe I’ll start something of the sort… always looking for inspiration…

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