29 Faces,day one and two

Today is day two of 29 faces and it is as fun as I thought it would be. The only drawback to it so far has been that the paper I have is not as water friendly as I’d like it to be. I’m taking that in stride though until I get new stuff in.

This is the  face for day one:

As I work on 29 faces I’m also taking part in another SAW journal 2 challenge from poetspice on you tube. (You can also find her blog here,I was happy to find out about it this week.)

She had the most fabulous prompts! The prompts for the last SAW challenge were great but I never got to use many of them. I’ve challenged myself to use all of the prompts with the faces and I have a few ideas on how to do that. Day one’s face was inspired by the prompt Buttons and lace.

This is the face for day two:

It was inspired by the prompt Pumpkins. I tried to draw my youngest daughter Chloe because I call her my little pumpkin as her birthday is in October. I used to tell her that I picked her from a pumpkin patch but she didn’t love that story as much as I did. I plan to incorporate that story into the page,maybe written on another paper and inserted into the envelope I made.

I went ahead and worked on the face a little for tomorrow as I had all my paints out already. I will probably do that from time to time when when I can for the times when I’m a little behind.

Here’s a little sneak peek:

The prompt I used is Bones and  Rubies. I won’t be adding more to it or adding it to my journal until tomorrow.

This post will be added to the 29 faces linky. Please drop by to see all of the fabulous faces that others are working on. 🙂

7 thoughts on “29 Faces,day one and two

  1. Water fail paper is a bummer – I’ve been there! But, even with not so cooperative paper, you’re off to a great start! I’ll definitely have to check out that other challenge.

    Visiting from 29 Faces.

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