I’m an art geek.

I think this is something that was already known about me but now I’m offically an art geek.
I’m going to stop with the cheesy grin I’m wearinv long enough to explain thag statement.
I found gulfsprite on youtube and subscribed to her for her awesome art journal skills. I found out about art geeks,the group she is a co-founder of,through watching her vlogs.
I’m now a member of their facebook group and happily geeking out about art on  a daily basis.
I’ve already gotten the opportunity to swap journal cards on there
With some phenominal artists now I’ve started to work on the offered prompts.
This week’s prompt was take an old piece of your art work and rework it into your current art journal.
At first I planned on doing this with my Summer of Color pieces but then I found an old sketchbook in my closet that is falling to pieces.
It was meant to be that I take some of the old things and make new things from them,right?
I thought so, anyway.

 I took a sun lady I drew and colored seven years ago and added her to a fold out page in my current art journal. I almost collaged eyes and mouth from another image on to it but changed my mind.

This is what the page ended up as:

Different than what I thought of doing at first but I love that I was able to fit a full figure into my journal.(I get stuck doing faces.:)

There’s a lot of glittery shimmer on the background that is hard to see but if I can get a picture outside later I’ll try to show that.

I think I might be altering a few more images from my sketchbook as it is fun to think about how to re-use them.

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