Journal Page and a new use for junk mail

Junk mail is never something that I looked forward to seeing before my art journaling days. Now…okay I’m not a huge fan of the stuff but at least I know I have a use for it.

If I tear the envelop open there’s either a white background perfect for covering text inside the textbooks I alter or if I fold them then I have a nice envelope for tags.

I used a junk mail envelop this way on the art journal page shown here- I get two pockets for tags to go into.

These pages are by no means finished but I seldom finish a journal page all in one go or even the next day. I may just leave these as they are and come back to them when I’m working on something completely different but have some red colored paint left over or something.

The background is a tissue paper that embedded with glitter. I glued it down but not completely down so it hovers above the page in some spots. I used gelly roll pens,black acrylic paint,a sharpie and masking tape. (Nothing fancy as I found the gelly roll pens at the super market 4 for $1.

Do you keep an art journal page? Do you work on your pages all in one go or a little at a time?:)

I linked this to the LESSologyΒ  fun with envelopes challenge.

12 thoughts on “Journal Page and a new use for junk mail

    • Hi Bridget!
      I know how that is- I tried participating in a double page spread daily challenge and it was ridiculously hard to motivate myself to do it. It took a smash challenge and browsing through other people’s smash books and art journals for me to feel motivated- now I’m doing something every day even if I don’t finish the page(s). Hope you do start a journal and share it because I love your drawings. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! I didn’t realize that we had so much time to enter the linky but that’s okay- look forward to seeing what others came up with and what others will come up with. I’ve seen great ideas so far. πŸ™‚

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