A mermaid and updates

Do you know when you’ve created something,taken a picture of it and figured that you’ve blogged about it but haven’t?

I do this all of the time!

I’m sharing this mermaid from my smash/art journal but I was really,really sure that I had shared it before. It is on the youtube video that I shared earlier but this is her in photo form too.

There are tons of stuff that I’ve been working on but that I haven’t shared yet so- hopefully I get better about that. I am once again sans laptop and using my husband’s computer whenever he is not working on something.

That doesn’t happen very often.

I guess I’m lucky though-at least I have a computer to jump on now and then and I have my kindle-which I’ve developed an unhealthy connection with. (I have to hide it from myself otherwise I’m on it all day-what with the books and the podcasts and the…facebook. I know it’s bad but at least I know that it’s bad and am working on it.)

Anyway-I have been: working on making and altering books to make into art journals. Loving it but I think I may need to regulate one day for this. I tend to obsess.

I’m also working on ATCs(artist trading cards) and participating in swaps over at swap bot. So far I mailed something out:

and my partner got it and was very nice with her feedback. I’m still waiting to receive my swap but the partner who is sending to me is a newbie too and she has til the 1st to send it so I’m sure it will be fine.  It’s kinda just nice to make something and have someone enjoy it.

I’m still vlogging (badly)on my youtube channel.My husband edits my videos on the same day he edits his videos and always adds “outtakes”. I wasn’t sure about them at first but they are growing on me now.

So that’s all to report for now. Just making art and connecting with others who like to make art…completely ignoring the fact that my words aren’t coming to me as easily as they were doing. Maybe I’ve just shifted focus?

What’s new with you lately?

3 thoughts on “A mermaid and updates

    • Thank you!
      It’s cool finding others who share the same interests isn’t it? I’m working on three ATC’s now that I’ll be sending out tommorow and it’s been a lot of fun making them. 🙂 Thank you for telling me about ATC’S For All! I need to check them out I think.

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