The last Summer Of Color post

I worked on these on Friday but am barely posting them now.

There was a power outage and then the scanner was acting up and then my computer’s charger went out again.

These are all valid excuses, but in reality? Maybe I was just a little sad to do the last Summer of Color 2 inspired blog post? It’s been a heck of a lot of fun and I’ve visited so many, many wonderful artists over the past six weeks.

There is one thing that fills me with a little relief however.

This was a Summer of Color 2…I’m going to tell myself that surely there will be a Summer of Color 3. That? Is something I can look forward to. 🙂

This was our prompt for the week:

And this is the image that came to my mind and would not go away until I painted it.

I showed her to my mother and she absolutely hates it- but I’ve tried to explain that my fire lady is more super hero than demon. Or maybe super villain…I don’t know she’s got a feisty temper,this one.

After I painted her I painted this in the recycled box journal that I made:

My mother likes this one much better.

Happy Last Summer of Color everybody I will be by shortly or maybe eventually is a better word? But I will be by to see every single one of you Si Dios Queire as my momma would say.  (It means God Willing and is the term all God-fearing people of Spanish descent must say after making any kind of plans…lest they be struck down where they sit.)

On a slightly more cheery note: I absolutely love you guys and I’ve admired,been inspired, and I thank you for putting your arty goodness out there.


13 thoughts on “The last Summer Of Color post

  1. Hi!

    Feisty is the word that sprang to my mind… in a totally good way!

    You have to paint what you have the urge to paint!

    Your butterflies are sweet 🙂 I’m glad your mum liked those. Your mum sounds fun!


    • Thank you,she is very fun and very honest with her opinions which can be helpful,lol.
      I love the word fiesty and I agree you gotta paint what you want to paint! 🙂

  2. Firey Lady is good but I have to agree with your Mum the journal pages are my favourite. Recycled box journal – now that sounds quite curious 🙂 BJ

    • Thanks.
      It was fun to make and jenniebellie makes a great tutorial, unfortunately I forgot to poke holes in my pages first and that made stiching them together kind of hard. The next one I make should go smoother. 🙂

  3. So this is where you do most of your blogging these days. I wondered why your squidwrite blog only had one July entry.

    You are a really talented artist!

    I don’t know if it’s a regional thing, but I’m more familiar with “con el favor de Dios” as the “let’s plan on doing this tomorrow, lest I be struck by lightning” phrase.

    • Hi Niccole! Yeah- my laptop charger melted on me and the past two replacements have done the same-in the meantime I started devoting more time to drawing&painting and then got hooked on art journaling and making art journals. 🙂 I hope to start writing more again soon though it’s just hard to do online right now because I’m sharing my husband’s work computer with him til I find a charger. Thank you for following me here! I need to catch up with everyone. xx

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