Smash,Art,Draw book update

Hi guys!

I’m still working on my smash,art,draw book for the youtube challenge I’m taking part in.We are half-way through the month and so halfway through our books and I am loving it !

The whole thing has really gotten me into art journaling especially. I’m making this journal with mostly cardstock that I’ve punched and put together with binder rings but I almost wish that I had made an actual book for the project.

If you’ve ever heard of jenniebellie on youtube or know of her blog, then you’ll know that she makes beautiful,funky,creative art journals out of recycled items. She’s been a huge inspiration to me!

I’m also working in an art journal that I made out of cat food boxes now. It didn’t come out perfectly but I figure my next will be better,and I still really like it warts and all!(If you saw it the alien girl that I shared in the wild and reckless post is from that journal.)

I hope be sharing that journal sometime soon.

Here’s the youtube video of my update for my smash,art,write book. It’s for days 6-14.(I haven’t worked on anything for today yet..but hope to in a little bit.)

Thanks for stopping by!

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