The Moon Sees Me

Can you believe that Summer of Color is almost over? I was lucky to find out about it in time to join in on the fun and it’s gone a long way to getting me to be creative every day.

I found out that I won the drawing for the Pink Lemonade  prompt we had last week and I’m beyond thankful and so happy about that! It’s really going to help me with the art journals that I’ve started and getting into doing ATC cards. Obviously the prizes are not the point of doing the challenges but they are pretty awesome prizes and very much appreciated!

The prompt for this week was Wild n Reckless Sherbet:

Wild and Reckless colors indeed but for some reason I was drawn to go subtle. This is my painting for the prompt this week:

This was made with crayons and then covered in thinned  acrylics.  The blues,greens and purples were much more bright at first but I subdued them with white.

I also did this small picture in my new art journal. The eyes are a little wonky but I may redo her later. This art journal is just to explore ideas I have so I’m not too bothered about it.

The next (and last)prompt color is Watermelon ice and I’m interested to find out what comes to mindwhen I start using the colors!

I look forward to seeing what everyone’s come up with. I have my laptop working again so it should be easier for me to make visits this week. (Very happy about that!)


26 thoughts on “The Moon Sees Me

  1. Wow two entries i like both the moon and the girl. Leave that wonky eye it makes it special. Your style is wonderful, I had a little peek at your other post.

  2. Wow, I just love those muted colours – I found I had to mute them this week also! Beautiful painting and I love the journal pages – those textures on the right are very interesting, and I agree with Manon that the eyes are fine – your piece has originality and personality!

  3. Pretty moon face…the colours are subtle but they still have that underlying color there…very nice….congrats on the win too…xxx

  4. we have always called moons that are those colours… rockinghorse moons and that is when all the toys come out and play… I showed my daughter and she immediately saw a rockinghorse moon too… thanks for the reminder …xx

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