Yellow Pink Techie Girl

This is inspired by the story that I’m working on-she is one of my favorite characters right now. The picture didn’t come out true to the original’s colors so I boosted it, but the real painting is more in between the two. It was really a quick sketch because I wanted more pictures up for my inspiration wall but hadn’t found anything I thought was right for the character.

The colors I used here are to go with the next Summer of Color prompt:

I think fun when I see yellow anyway but paired with pink? Love it. I can’t wait to see the other prompts for this color. It is amazing to me how everyone comes up with such interesting, fantastic but very different stuff by following the same prompt.  Go here to see tons of fantastic loveliness!


27 thoughts on “Yellow Pink Techie Girl

  1. She looks amazing! I love this style. Your last four posts are all so varied 🙂

    I’d love to see your inspiration wall!!!!

    Have a great weekend

    btw thank you for your sweet comment for my SOC post 🙂


  2. She looks Like a superhero tho still quite sweet in character…well that’s just my thoughts…lol…cool piece…i find it hard to get the image closest to real colour…its hard to do….xxx

  3. I am so very late visiting people! Haven’t even started this weeks prompt! Aargh!

    Anyway – Love your tech lady and like others have said, am now curious about your story 🙂

    Thanks for visiting me and for your lovely words. Yep – I love the Goblin King 😉

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