Father’s Day Gift

This year has been a little bit tight money wise  but this weekend was Father’s Day and I wanted to get my dad something. He is a fantastic father.

My father is an artist too but he focuses on drawing these really great horses in motion! I really want him to draw me one but he only doodles them on the backs of envelopes or whatever he has on hand at the moment  and he says he will give me one once he gets around to putting one in his actual sketchbook. His actual sketchbooks? Are completely empty. I don’t get it. But I’d be happy to frame one of his envelope horses so I’ll be working on stealing…I mean asking for one soon.

My father actually got me interested in painting and drawing in the first place and I’m happy that we can have that in common with each other.

I ended up painting him a senorita…because I thought about attempting to paint him Vincente Fernandez (his favorite singer/actor) on a horse silhouetted against  a Texas sky background, but I only had one blank canvas and did not feel confident enough to attempt that.

At all.

But maybe come Christmas…

For now I told him that she was in one of Vincente Fernandez’s movies, she was way in the background and that’s why he probably doesn’t remember her.

I kinda liked her when she was hanging in our living room among my husband’s sky paintings so I may have to paint myself a senorita very soon.

My dad seemed to like her so I was pretty happy about that.

(There should be a photo of him in this post too but of course I forgot my camera when I went over, so imagine a photo of him here until I amend that! )

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