Minty Bird

The prompt for this week in the Summer of Color 2 was:mint chocolate chip.

This happens to be my husband’s favorite ice cream flavor. I got very excited when I first heard this and figured that I’d get lots of ideas for it. Then I waited til the last minute to try making something and I had a really had time thinking of something to go with the challenge!

I finally came up with this little bird, but I don’t 100% love how my mint green came out. The brown came out a little better I think because it reminds me of chocolate, but it’s not really chip like. Β I still like the birdy though so there’s that.

I used acrylics and a black marker pen and I got the paint effect in the background by painting it onto a different piece of paper first and then pressing the two together.

I can’t wait to go see what everyone’s made this week!

Happily adding this to the Summer of Color 2.Β πŸ™‚

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